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"Life with Meaning"
Date du début: 4 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 3 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“Life with meaning” is going to be an educational project that focuses on an important objective of the European Union which is to foster solidarity and tolerance among young people, and to especially promote social cohesion in the European Union. 4 volunteers from France, Germany and Greece will participate in this six-month voluntary activity.Through this project, the EVS volunteers will have the chance to be involved with young people from urban and rural areas, share their personal experiences and knowledge and learn more about our organization and its actions. By providing their services to those who need them, the EVS volunteers will acquire a deeper meaning in their life and a sense of fulfillment. The intercultural dimension and non-formal approach of EVS will give to young people the opportunity to become familiar with cultures different from their own and to acquire new skills and abilities useful to their personal and professional growth.All interested volunteers share a great interest to learn more about Youth Work from a practical aspect and be aware on how to educate other young people about it. They are self-determined young people who are aware that they want to create their own path in life and offer to other people as well. In addition, they are people who try to find a deeper meaning in their life and who at the same time have the ability to foster self-esteem and social skills of the young people they are working with. The knowledge that will be acquired during this project will help the volunteers to assert a more inclusive lifestyle, especially for the ones with fewer opportunities. The project is going to be a significant learning experience for the volunteers in both personal and professional levels. All the above mentioned activities and task are expected to have the following impact on the volunteers: - to gain knowledge about youth work practices in a different part of Europe - to gain a good working knowledge of the ERASMUS+ Programme - to develop new partnerships and projects together. - to learn methods of non-formal learning with young people and to be able to use them in the future. - to enhance their soft skills such as: Communication (presentation and speaking in public) Teamwork and collaboration (work with other volunteers and local young people) Adaptability (live for a period of time at a new place and culture) Problem solving (creating new materials and presentations for an activity) Critical observation (evaluation of the project and of other actions)The volunteers will mainly receive guidance from the European Projects & International Relations Coordinator of KOKEN as it comes to their duties. However, external people will be the mentors allocated to the volunteers so that they are able to freely communicate with them and share their worries and personal needs. The mentor as will be analysed further in this application, is the person who will have a direct communication with the volunteers, giving technical assistance, clarifying roles and responsibilities; identifying and analysing learning experiences, opportunities and gaps; encouraging analysis and reflection; structuring learning and work through questioning, listening and giving feedback.As a result of this project, each volunteer will create his/her own e-booklet which will indicate their progress in terms of professional and personal development through EVS practice. At a later stage, all volunteers will combine their e-booklets so that they generate a single e-booklet which will be shared in public in order to indicate whether EVS is a good practice for young people to enhance their personal and professional competences and skills and how much this European Programme helps young people to understand, continue or even begin the career path. This e-booklet will be consisted by 3 parts: Part I - Current Knowledge Part II - EVS Knowledge Part III – Career PathAnother outcome from their service will be an Educational Tool named "YouthCan" which will include not only a theoretical background on Non-Formal Educational Methods but also some practices and games which will be used at various youth projects and seminars.All the activities that the volunteers will be involved in will be based on non-formal education methods and among others will include energizers, team building activities, brainstorming, trust games, interactive activities, team discussions, role play, simulation, and presentations on behalf of the volunteers and the members of the Youth Clubs as well.At the end of their service the volunteers they will receive a Youthpass Certificate and a recommendation letter. Finally, a more positive attitude towards volunteerism and giving will be obtained and the volunteers will practically experience the satisfaction that one feels when offering their services and knowledge for helping and contributing to other people's life.



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