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Life Story to True Glory
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The “Life Story to True Glory" training course gathers together 24 young people from 9 different countries. The project focuses on the use of storytelling, coaching, outdoor and nature-based training elements as educational tools to tackle the issue of youth empowerment and employability. With this training course we seek to improve the level of key competences and skills of youth workers to use these innovative methods, approaches and experiential training elements as tools for youth empowerment in order to improve the quality of the work of youth organisations and to reach further into the European dimension of youth work. Through this TC we also aim to develop the quality of youth work across Europe.It is clear that nowadays one of the biggest challenges of our societies faced all across Europe is the passive generation of young people. They need to be empowered to be able to turn their ideas into actions, to strive to realise their dreams, to engage with and play an active part within their communities and societies - and of course to become more employable. Youth workers, volunteers, trainers and all those who work with young people need more creative, innovative and effective methods and techniques both to engage young people and to give them the tools to empower themselves. Through this non-formal education project we target this group and provide some solutions to this problem. The training course was designed according to the following objectives: • To introduce innovative & creative new methods to engage young people in their lives and work and increase their chances of employment / work opportunities• To explore different ways of recognition of learning outcomes• To learn how to use storytelling and nature-based methods to empower young people to be more active in and responsible for their work, home & community lives.• To improve knowledge about the Erasmus+ Youth Programme as a tool for improving the quality and enhancing the international dimension of youth work• To enhance young people's abilities to access their creativity and sense of initiative and entrepreneurship• To create effective & interesting CVs and learn unexpected self marketing tools• To provide space for participants for the discussion and sharing of best practices and to develop their skills and competences.We believe that international cooperations in the youth field are very important for this and promote the mobility possibilities the Erasmus+ Programme offers to young people across Europe and aim to enhance transnational cooperations by giving the possibility to participants to develop their own project ideas.At the end of the training course, our participants will be motivated to participate more actively in the lives of their organisations, develop more projects with and for young people using a diverse set of storytelling and coaching methods, nature-based tools and outdoor training elements and will be better equipped to provide higher quality youth work due to their experience and use of different innovative & effective methods.This training course will be experiential and based on an interactive and participative approach. Learning from each other and learning by doing will be central to the process, as will our programme, designed to inspire creativity, active participation and a safe and exciting learning field. The project will take place in Forres, Scotland, UK from 26th November - 3rd December 2016. It is an 8 day training course with 24 participants and 5 trainers/facilitators/experts/project coordinator and logistics assistants from the following countries: United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic, Portugal, Estonia, Italy and Spain. During the training methods of non-formal and informal education will be used, with a special attention given to innovative and creative storytelling, coaching, nature-based and outdoor training elements which have been inspired by and adapted from various schools including traditional cultures, modern movements and techniques. Participants will actively learn about Youthpass and the Erasmus+ Programme.



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