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Life Optimizer
Date du début: 5 août 2015, Date de fin: 4 mars 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Life Optimizer was a multi-activity project designed to promote sport as a tool in non-formal education. To achieve its objectives we carried out two separate events taking place in Sweden and Poland. First activity was a 9 days long training course "Sport as a tool for intercultural dialogue", which gathered 24 participants from 5 countries (Sweden, Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria and Lithuania) in Karlstad, Sweden from 21st to 30th October 2015. Event targeted youth workers interested in using sport as a tool for developing consistent positive intercultural acceptance among young people they work with. Second activity was a 9 days long youth exchange for 40 participants (35 young people aged 18-26 and 5 leaders). During these activities we invited youth workers that took part in TC in Sweden (2 from Poland, 1 from Bulgaria and 3 from Sweden) to put in practice new skills and evaluate methods learned. The themes of the project were: Intercultural dialogue and acceptance, education and youth work through sport and outdoor activities, physical and mental health of youngsters, anti-discrimination, inclusion of marginalised youth through sport/outdoor in youth work, Erasmus+ programme and European level projects in youth field with using sport/outdoor activities. Achieved objectives: • Defining sport and raising awareness about our perceptions of Sport in our countries/cultures • Using sport and outdoor activities as motivation factors, team-building activity and self-esteem incentive • Improving performance and problem-solving skills • Promoting and exploring the concepts “sports for all” and “healthy lifestyle” in relation with youth work • Sharing methods for and understanding and encouraging usage of sport and outdoor activities in youth work with intercultural learning and dialogue aspects • Promoting cultural diversity as strength in our everyday life and (youth) work • Promoting intercultural dialogue as an instrument in acquiring the knowledge and attitudes for dealing with a more open and more complex environment The project was based on the approach and principles of non-formal education. A combination of different creative and interactive methods was used and designed upon the profile of participants with accent on using more methods of sport and outdoor activities.



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