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Life inclusive! European participation in labour and leisure for people with disabilities
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We will provide this follwing Summary in English and German: The ERASMUS+ Project "Life inclusive! European participation in labour and leisure for people with disabilities" is about the perspectives of people with disabilities in European societies that become more inclusive. All participating schools are special education and / or inclusively working schools. Most of our students are intellectually disabled and / or from disadvantaged backgrounds. The project idea came to three partners during a Comenius Project (LLP) and so we looked on etwinning to find new partners to contribute their ideas to our project. We were glad to find "Newcomers" and experienced partners with different backgrounds that will promote ideas and contribute their expertise to our common project. Furthermore we involve our cooperative partners in all countries that are dedicated to facilitation of job search processes for disabled people in our countries. The transition of our students into employment and later life has become an issue in all particpating countries since inclusion started throughout Europe. All partners consider new solutions and options for integration into existing and newly developed school curricula for the final years education plans. To ensure prosperit and lively cooperation students and teachers use all means of modern media techniques such as websites, chatrooms, DVD production, ppt-presentations, etc. and learning activities will take place in every participating country to learn about possibilities our partners offer to their students and to make use of products like self-made travelguides for people with disabilities. Students will lead interviews with people who are responsible in facilities that employ them after school, develop art obects and present them to audiences and websites, share ideas and perspectives among peer groups throughout partner countries. There will be a lasting impact on involved students, teachers and further staff, school communities and regional partners that are ensuring the educational processes to employment of our students. Local authorities are invited to take part in certain venues and in order to enrich the project by providing space for discussions and exchange about topic specific matters. Participating schools will gather enhancement for their curriculas and students that will attend our institutions in future will gain from experience and efforts others have undertaken to ensure education that takes recent developments in job market into account for their transition into employment despite of their backgrounds and disablities. By developing a network in between many partners and providing expertise among each other and distribution of outcomes in twinspace, other websites and local press many facilities and professionals that are working in the field of Special Education Needs (SEN) are invited to get in touch for discussion and / or to profit from our experience. For reasons of space the german translation will be attached to this application form in section N. Annexes (No.3)



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