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Date du début: 15 août 2014, Date de fin: 15 juin 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

PROJECT WAS NOT IMPLEMENTED. REQUEST FOR GRANT RECOVERY. In our work practice, while working with young, active people, we noticed that for the majority of young people, the main problem when entering the job market is a lack of knowledge and lack of their own confidence. After analyzing the problems of young unemployed people while concentrating in their expectations, we decided to start the project "International Youth Successful Business School”. The project’s "International Youth Successful Business School" main idea is to help the people, who are 20 -25 years without a job for a long time to help integrate into the labor market. The project was divided into two main activities: 1) a young person's abilities disclosure, while entering the job market as a participant in the business sector; 2) the promotion of youth entrepreneurship, generating new business ideas and implementing them. In order to not only to educate our young people’s self-expression in the region, to convey them to the theoretical knowledge of the labor market, but also to promote their cross-cultural literacy , and help establish beneficial cooperation ties, we added 5 partners to the project: xxx . Each partner country will delegate 5 active youngsters (4 + leader of the group), aged 20 -25 years old who fail to find the job longest after graduation. Among the participants we’re going to try to attract social exclusion persons such as persons with disabilities, large families. We hope that the implementation of the project with selected partners in the project will allow to get more knowledge of the culture of the partner countries, will help to better understand the labor market and the subtleties of the differences between the businesses internationally. Communication and cooperation with peers from other countries in order to implement the objectives of the project within the isolated activities, will give project participants the opportunity to make new friends or even of the first international business partners. While implementing the first activities of the project "A young man’s ability disclosure, while entering the job market in business sector 'in the course of implementation , the project will aim at personal development of the participants . At this part of project participant players will have to show their strengths for themselves as well as for other participants. Public speaking, group discussions will foster self-confidence. Motivational letter and CV preparation will systematically prepare for integration into the labor market as the business sector. The real discussion with potential employers and simulation tasks, such as "a job interview" will allow young people to understand what the employer expects of a young specialist and seal the implementation of these activities exalted goals - to teach a young person to present their own advantages to the employer, which will make them superior to other work market participants. Implementation of the project activities in the second part of the project “Youth entrepreneurship promotion generating new business ideas and implementing them”, we will try to promote youth’s enterprise through practical examples of successful business establishments. In this part of the project we want to convey our gathered and systemized theoretical material about the business ideas’ generation, selection of the control questions to project participants in a free form, train them to carry out a detailed idea of the SWOT analysis. We will gather participants together in mixed groups of 5 people and wait for their ingenious business ideas and accompanying business plans while assessing how participants mastered the theoretical knowledge. The task will be creative, because as a business idea it has to adjust to the region in which the project will be. Creativity will be encouraged by field trips in the town of Druskininkai successfully implemented business objects and introducing project participants with city’s entrepreneurs who will share their experiences. Generated business ideas and business plans will be presented to the public groups. The most successful and recognized the most realistic business plans will propose the implementation of a local businessman. After completion of the project participants will be gained unique knowledge that he or she could not gain at any education institution. Practical exercises in preparation for entering the labor market in international working groups, discussions with employers and groups heard stories of successful business creators own lips, generation of business ideas and business plans, real training, and a good time for new people - these are the main motivating factors which are needed to strengthen young man's confidence in himself and his abilities to make him morally prepared to enter the labor market.


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