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Life and Mind in Center
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Life and Mind in Center " is an EVS project addressed to two girls, Eszter from Hungary and Tania from Spain. We intend to provide a strong learning experience through an operative full-time role in the organization (they will never replace educators and operators but will support them ); Eszter & Tania will have the opportunity to integrate into activities with ideas, creativity and experience; we would like to guarantee the service to the local community through non-profit activities, emphasizing the intercultural dimension and the possibility of non-formal learning . The general objectives are : • Improvement of volunteers’ skills and the strengthening of key competences such as: communication in a foreign language , learning to learn , social and civic competences , sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, cultural awareness and expression . • To provide the ability to interconnect three specific areas of the life of a young European Volunteer : personal development , active citizenship and employability , through a process of non-formal learning customized on their skills and abilities . • To encourage and stimulate the mobility of young Europeans ( volunteers and locals) who participate in learning activities among the programme and partner countries in this way we try to provide tools to combat the problem of youth unemployment. • To encourage the participation in a shared project at the service of the local community. • To continue to expand the Cg2000’s educational proposals for all ages, reaching a greater number of addresses. This project and the activities contained in are intended to provide participants with the opportunity to acquire new skills and enhance existing ones ; It’s intended to offer the possibility of growing towards the use of non-formal methods . The elements of learning that we aim to achieve are : - Improved communication in Italian - Acquisition / reinforcement of social skills . - Acquisition / reinforcement of civic skills. - Acquisition / reinforcement of the skill to work in a team of educational experts . - Acquisition / reinforcement of educational competence and the acquisition / reinforcement of of planning skills and structuring activities targeted to different age groups. - Acquisition of simple formal/non-formal tools for the management of small groups. The activities that the volunteers are going to perform can be divided into two main periods: - Winter : THE GROUP OF TEENAGERS,ALICE’S HOUSE, DREAMBAR, MONTH OF PEACE & YOUTH EXCHANGES, FANTAGIOCANDO + RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS/ AESTHETICS, AGESCI-SCOUT, ADMINISTRATIVE AND WEBSITE SUPPORT, THE FAMILIES' PROJECT. - Summer activities: GREST. The experience of community life proposed helps to deepen the exchange and dimension of knowledge, and it will provide for no-formal intercultural learning, encouraging Eszter & Tania to participate actively and to social integration; encouraging the exchange of experiences and good practices between the partners , and the creation of partnerships and networks that ensure a solid future projects. The presence of EVS volunteers in an organization mainly based on voluntary activity is a strong testimony of active citizenship , democracy and respect in the service for children. Through the various initiatives we aim to promote knowledge, dismantle stereotypes and offer opportunities to meet and to develop a critical ability . The presence of young people who decide to spend ten months of their life for a volunteering experience in a European country , gives a significant testimony of generosity , openness and acceptance that can be an interesting opportunity to reflect about respect, volunteering , acceptance and openness to the other . The idea is to encourage the local population to come ever closer to the ERASMUS+ programme and to the opportunities that it offers . The dissemination of the project will be noteworthy. It can be divided into three specific moments :in the pre- project, during implementation and post- project. The idea is to reach as many people as possible at the local, national, European and non-European level. In any documentation produced will be used the official logo of ERASMUS+ program next to the caption" project co- funded by the European Union ." The organizations involved in the project will take on all the responsibilities set out in the ERASMUS+ program.



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