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Liderzy w organizacji mniejszościowej. Podnoszenie standardów działania organizacji pracujących na rzecz aktywizacji młodych przedstawicieli środowisk polonijnych
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 1 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project "Leaders in minority organisations. Improving organizational standards of Polish diaspora organizations working on activisation of youth" is a joint initiative of four organizations from four EU countries. The main objective of this project is "to increase the potential of Polish organizations working in the field of civic education of young representatives of the Polish community in EU countries through the exchange of good practices, joint trainings of the staff of these organizations and development of new solutions to support work of these organizations."Within the last 10 years over 1,8 million of Poles have left Poland. According to the Central Statistical Bureau, by the end of 2013 most of them inhabited Great Britain (555 000), Germany (415 000), Ireland (140 000) and in Italy, the Netherlands and Spain (around 85 000 in each). Despite such high numbers of the polish communities in the EU countries, polish diaspora organisations working in the field of education are not very active when it comes to civic education and activisation. This leads to a shortage of initiatives aimed at promotion and encouragement of civic participation of the polish youth living abroad, their active citizenship and intercultural dialog.As part of a 24-month set of activities, there are planned joint trainings of staff, development of three intellectual products targeted at organizations working with young memebers of Polish community abroad, as well as dissemination events. The products of this project will be three widely available publications on:a) diagnosis of a local community with migrant/minority groupsb) creating the strategy of organisational growth and management for an organisation working with local diasporac) innovatie ways of activisation and engagement of the young polish diaspora through civic educationThe project is in line with the specific objectives of the Erasmus Programme + for young people, in particular it contributes to: - promotion of participation of young people in democratic life in Europe, active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, - improvement the quality of the educational offer for young people.



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