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Liderazgo e Innovación Técnologica en EOI
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

he Project presented by the Official School of Languages San Roque is an enthusiastic project designed by a team of teachers, whose aim is always the improvement and quality of their teaching competence.Our plan has been designed under three basic courses of interrelated actions, which share similar goals.On the one hand, the search for the updating of linguistic competence: an essential task when referring to the constant training of teachers who are specialised in the teaching of foreign languages. The students who attend our classes with the aim of mastering the linguistic competence of language in order to access the labour market or promote in it, or those who will later train their own students, or simply the ones who would like to stregthen their links with other countries, deserve a current teaching, in which the teacher becomes a model to follow as for the speaking of the target language .With this in mind, we have opted for courses which can help us learn new tendencies, update our knowledge and last but not least allow us to be in contact with the native society of the language we teach.Secondly, our Project is aimed at the updating of our methodological competence. It is through this that we will suceed in the teaching of more modern and adapted teaching techniques. The fact of being familiarized with new working methods, as well as the renewal and adaptation of those we already know, stand for a new way of facing our classes. We can not forget that working with adults, who are involved, as well, in other different responsibilities who may not help in a quicker development of their skills , lead us to think over other options . In this sense, the use of new technologies plays a relevant role: the use of working platforms, resources which are available from any place and at any time, help us develop our teaching activity at the same time it faccilitates the progress of those who combine the learning of a language and many other personal and work related aspects. Another element to take into consideration is the fact that in recent times we have become trainers of trainers, and it is because of that that our methodology results in the model of those who will later put it into practice with their own students. In conclusion,once in the class, we are not only models of language speakers but also examples of modernization of those who cross the door of our school. Finally, with this project we are looking for the engagement of a well-coordinated and structured team, who will put into practice everything which has been acquired in our training processes. In order to achieve this, good leadership is essential. We need people able to be seen as referentials, ready to assume new challenges, capable of managing and leading working teams. This is the reason why the perfection of these skills by those in positions of responsibility cannot be ignored. For this reason, we present training which teaches us to improve ourselves on a daily basis, to get the best out of each the professionals in our team , and to promote a cordial atmosphere which can be reflected in our daily work.To conclude, we would like to say that the participation in this project is presented as a task full of benefits which will have an effect both inside and outside our classes. Following everything that has previously been exposed, we are presenting a plan which will imply the improvement of a team of professionals who will guarantee the dissemination of the acquired aspects. We hope that our work will favour the strengthening of bonds among different countries, may it be for the new projects deriving from our training experiences or our effort in the creation of a more plural society, better- trained and willing to cross the borders with the guarantee that the competence of a language involves.