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licy Learning in Information Technologies for Public Transport Enhancement (POLITE)
Date du début: 31 déc. 2011, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

POLITE addresses infomobility, specifically the problem of providing travellers with adequate & complete information on the Public Transport (PT) services available in a region at different geographic levels. POLITE promotes public actions to enhance the awareness of travellers choice & to increase the use of PT services.POLITE promotes the exchange, discussion & transfer of experiences & improvement on policies, knowledge & good practices on infomobility. This exchange is focused on policy & planning levers and implemented by advanced & less experienced sites. Some of them can be considered as good practice sites, others as transfer sites.POLITE bases its approach on the study of EU good practices for developing tools to support policy making, including:- Training sessions, workshops, round tables, policy-oriented events, in which the project administrations & further EU ones improve their technical and policy skills & knowledge with the goal of addressing policy developments;- Development of publications and training products, which will record the knowledge gained during the project and which are usable by further pub. adminitrations.Partners will use these tools to develop local implementation plans, outlining the local roadmaps for policy development on public transport information systems. POLITE actively dialogues with other transfer sites from outside the partnership, offering support for bilateral exchange on selected infomobility topics as well as training on the project topics.The project also contributes to:- increase the capacity of public admin. staff to implement more effective and efficient policy levers and planning approaches to traveller information systems;- directly improve the national, regional and local policies.The consortium is composed by different entities representing different geographic levels (national, regional, local and a EU network).This multilevel partnership allows to approach the issue of traveller informationsystems in a holistic & innovative way as it targets the relationships between the information needed by travellers at different territorial levels, to serve as an input to the definition of public policies in a perspective which enables interoperability among information systems & a consequent increase of PT attractiveness. The consortium is composed by:- good practice sites: Province of Ferrara (IT), Reading Borough Council (UK).- transfer sites: Calabrian Regional Administration (IT), CDV (CZ), ILIM (PL) and LaTDEA (LV).- Network: POLIS (BE).ILIM and LaTDEA are public equivalent bodies involved in the policy making activities respectively in Poland and Latvia. CDV represents the Czech Ministry of Transport. POLIS is an European Network for identifying, developing and targeting key public administration stakeholders working in transport, differentiating between local/regional and national stakeholders. Achievements: The 1st semester (January-June 2012) has been mainly devoted to key inception activities, such as: Application form review and Subsidy Contract signature with the Managing Authority (January-March), establishment of the partnership and signature of Partnership Agreements (April-May), organisation of project's activities and workplan (May-June), First Level Controllers' nominations (June), dissemination tools, website and branding setting up (June), kick-off meeting (June). Results achieved in the period include: Component 1 "Management &Coordination" (detailed workplan for 2012, kick-off meeting in Reggio Calabria (Italy) on 21-22 June 2012, constitution of the Steering Committee), Component 2 "Communication & Dissemination" (preparation of draft strategy and workplans for dissemination activities, publication of website & finalization of branding/image tools), Component 3 "Exchange of experience" (start-up of the process for identifying policy themes for researching best practices).



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