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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Through this project we want to increase in young learners the desire to enter the magic world of books. For achieving this objective we are going to use their favourite kind of literature : fairy tales, legends, stories. We will design different attractive and motivating activities in order to make the most little ones wait for the lecture lessons with pleasure and interest and the older ones improve their reading skills in their mother tongue and English as well. Information technology will be used for many activities such as: to record our work, to make reading a more attractive activity using Kindle e-books, to create new teaching methods and to make the old ones more attractive for the pupils and also to communicate to each other during the three years of project and after it is ended. We will involve boys and girls, no matter their religion or social class, pupils of different ages, from kindergarten to primary school, pupils with low basic skills or at risk of early school leaving. We will invite people from local community, local authorities. Parents and grandparents will be invited to help us with the youngest learners who don't know how to read yet. The pupils will learn to read or listen to tales but also to put them to stage, or convert them into drawings and cartoons. This kind of activities will develop their imagination, creativity and competitiveness. Pupils''s works will be exchanged between partners. In this way we will be able to teach our pupils about the culture of the other countries, make them aware about languages diversity and develop mutual understanding. They will become aware of being European citizens. The project will be useful for teachers as well helping them improve their skills, teaching methods , imagination, creativity and team work. Our project has partners from 6 schools (Romania, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Belgium) three of them have been involved in previous European projects. Collaboration will enable us to exchange examples of good practice that each of us will use to achieve our goals.



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