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“Lets talk about the unspoken!”
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 1 avr. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This is a training course applied for under KA1 in the Erasmus+ programme. The training course is for youth workers/leaders who have implemented youth exchanges and feel the need to improve their understanding and ability to deal with potential conflict that can arise. The experience of the participants will be the starting point of the activities and we will explore potential conflict situations through theatre, discussions, group work and creative methods. The training will be very practical and one of the outcomes will be a publication on how to deal with conflict in the life cycle of youth exchanges Aim: The aim of the training course is to develop and enhance the ability of youth workers/leaders to recognize and deal with conflict situations that can arise during the life cycle of youth exchanges The objectives are: • To explore effective communication before, during and after a youth exchange • To identify potential conflict situations and explore how they can be prevented. • To create understanding of theories and concepts of conflict resolution • To develop competences to implement tools and methods of conflict resolution • To develop the ability to deal with potential conflicts, thus preventing them to develop further. Organizers: Fishbowl Youth has 10 years experience in organizing, implementing and participating in youth exchanges in and out of Europe. We broad experience of all aspects and have over the years encountered various difficult and conflict situations. Experience has shown that dealing with these situations at an early stage can greatly improve the whole experience. Participants: There will be a total of 28 participants, this number includes 2 trainers and 1 logistical support person. Participants will be from the following countries: Belarus, Croatia, Georgia, Armenia, Estonia, Russia, Moldova, Poland, Italy, and Ireland Envisaged results: Participants will develop their competences in conflict management, effective communications and international cooperation and understanding of cultural influences in youth exchanges, these competences can be implemented at home or in teams and as part of the wider Erasmus+ Programme. We expect participants, as professionals and volunteers working in the youth field, to use the competences and methodologies they have developed during the training course in their work and to improve how they and their organisations deal with difficult and conflict situations. Ultimately all the above will result in stronger and healthier partnerships, thus enhancing quality of projects and create better and more more learning opportunities for young people who take part in these projects. Resources developed during sessions of the training course will be added and further developed for a final publication. We will aim to create a tool for the Salto Toolbox and disseminate the information to all participants and partner organisations as well as the wider Salto and international youth field community. We will also aim to develop this training course and deliver it again as part of a series or strategic partnership project.



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