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Lets Get Creative!
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

„Let´s Get Creative“ was an international youth exchange that took place 9th – 18th April 2016 in Adamov, close to Brno, Czech Republic, bringing together 30 participants from 6 different countries: Czech Republic, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy and Latvia. The idea to carry out this project originated in the vision we have, in which all of our circumstances in life can be addressed responsibly and proactively, in which way the young people are capable of being active players in their lives, responsible for their actions and progress in their lives, as well as lives of their communities, instead of being passive observers. The issue we were addressing by this project was youth unemployment. Through the exchange, we aimed to support participants in adopting a proactive attitude and in taking real actions on creating a life path they had been dreaming of. The main theme of the programme was creativity, theatre, playing and acting. The participants had an opportunity to experience various theatre techniques and to put in practice various methods of self-expression. Playing a role allowed participants to leave their habitual patterns of behaviour and to explore new means of expression, together with their creativity. The methods included experiential learning in the intercultural environment, through activities in the indoor and outdoor, cultural exchange, creativity and role-playing activities, intercultural thematic workshops, problem-solving and team-building tasks. We used tools of non-formal education, founding all the experiences on „learning by doing“ approach. All the participants therefore took an active part in the project by contributing with their experience and by adopting responsible and proactive attitude during the exchange that they could consequently apply back home. By having participated in the exchange, participants developped a new approach towards their lives, adopting a proactive and responsible attitude that they had an opportunity to apply back home. This concerns all areas of their lives, but most their approach towards employability. They adopted the approach of „seeing themselves as possibilities“, through discovering new ways of creative self-expression in achieving their personal and professional goals. Regarding the results, impact and long-term benefits of the project, we got feedback refelcting on participants´ new employement opportunities that were often influenced by the attitudes they built in the exchange. Another of the results worth mentionning is establishment of closer cooperation with foreign NGOs – getting to know each other personally we know we can rely on each other and we have already created new partnerships in project newly applied. One more result worth mentionning is promotion of Erasmus+ activities – we organised an open event bringing together people during the project, but at the same time participants shared their experience after the project, in their communities.



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