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Let's volunteer in Mladiinfo!
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Mladiinfo Slovensko is an NGO whose primary aim is to inform, motivate and help young people to study, work and first of all to volunteer abroad. We see EVS volunteering abroad as a life-changing experience, opportunity to live a bit differently than is “usual”, to go beyond the comfort zone and to discover one´s potential/life aim/talent/dreams/ideas…The EVS experience often enlightens participants and brings them to realise, what they would like to actually do in their lives.The objectives of the project are centered on the volunteer, and on enhancing their skills, improving their competences and broadening their knowledge. Nowadays, when the youth unemployment rates are really high, EVS is one of options how to get needed skills that would raise one's employability and also distinguish them from other job candidates.Three volunteers - young proactive people, motivated to positively influence other people´s lives, who come from Turkey, Netherlands and Macedonia will come to Bratislava for a long-term project of 8 months in a period from 1.2.-30.9.2015. They will help Mladiinfo Slovensko with activities focused mostly (but not only) on promoting mobility/EVS projects abroad and will get a chance to come with own interesting initiatives and personal projects. Through non-formal learning methods of peer learning, mentoring, and learning by doing they will get a chance to learn about the PR of NGOs, website management, web-content editing and project management. The volunteers will also benefit from working in an international team, and living in a foreign country. The volunteers from different countries are a great asset to our organisation, and the benefits are mutual - we give them chance in realising their potential in their own initiatives - and those initiatives turn to projects and programs, that Mladiinfo subsequently adopts.



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