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Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The modern-day globalisation is not only driven by technological progress, but also by political-ideological change. A key dimension of the globalisation is a rapid increase in cross-border flows of all sorts, finance and trade, but also ideas, cultural, media products, and people. Globalisation has facilitated migration in ever greater numbers between an increasingly diverse and geographically distant array of destination and origin countries. At the moment Europe but also the world faces the most complex migration flow which affects countries, as the Balkan countries that serve as transit countries but need to respond to the refugees need as well as to the legal policies.The aim of this training course is to explore deeper the process of the forced migration, which plays a very big role in every society, affecting the young people in many areas like employability, integration, understanding, social dialogue, human rights etc. Considering the push factors and dealing with them we notice very big changes in our communities today. For example the forced migration (push factor) affects not just the situation with the human rights and existence but also the employability of the young people, their education and also the social development. The theme migration, with it's forced side, the refugees, with it's influence on employability, integration, education and tolerance will collect 30 people from countries which are most affected of the process of migration to work 8 days with the aim to explore the complexity of forced migration processes (especially young refugees) and related legal and political aspects, without losing sight of the well-being needs of the affected population. Also in this project we will implement the advocacy part which will give the answer to the needs of dealing with the pushed migration. It will also analyze response and negotiation mechanisms applicable to crisis situations, but also to come in direct contact with the affected group.Raising the competences of youth workers and youth leaders about the push factors of migration and causes and consequences of migration, and how to prevent negative effects (such as marginalization) in society; how to develop new projects related to integration of young people from immigrant backgrounds, to encourage the employability and social development are points of the training course directly related to the Erasmus+ program priorities for fostering European citizenship, fighting unemployment and strimulating social dialogue.This training we want to carry out in Macedonia, as one of the transit country that needs to deal with this issue. The possibility to be directly on spot will encourage the participants in their further steps but also make them aware on the importance of this issue and it's possible solution.The objectives of the training course are:- Exchange of experience and good practice in youth work, related to the forced migration and mobility and its influence on young people in Europe- Training youth workers and youth leaders in addressing the challenges resulting from migration for young people /society as a whole- Gaining knowledge on the EU policies regarding the migrants and the process of migration- Raising the competence of youth workers and youth leaders how to prevent negative effects of migration (such as marginalization, unemployment etc) in society- Advocacy training of youth on dealing with refugees - Facing the situation with the refugees in the transit countries- To develop new projects related to integration of young people from immigrant backgrounds- Develop new initiatives in the field of migration and mobility for young people within the framework of the Erasmus+ ProgrammeThis project itself is a follow up activity of the project on migration which happend in Berlin in August 2015 and gathered 40 people to explore the push and pull factors of migration, to explore the general migration situation in their country and to exchange tools and practicies for integration and opportunities. This project will continue the program from general to concrete and that is the current situation with the migration and we want to implement the activity in Macedonia as one of the transit countries for the refugees. The youth trainers and workers will have the chance to raise their knowledge and awareness on the spot and will learn about EU values regarding the complexity of the migration process.Also this project will use multimedia for visualization to enlarge learning impact and with help of a video product to encourage the affected young people, immigrants, to be active citizens, to integrate themselves and with their personal skills to fight the unemployment. The documentary on the topic, which will be made at the end by the participants of the project, will respond to the visual needs of material connected with the main topic of the training course.



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