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Let's rise up
Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 29 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This exchange will favorite the meeting of 20 young people coming from 4 European countries (France, Latvia, Belgium, Italy), during two weeks from 15 to 31 July. Today more than before it’s very important to talk and exchange about human rights. Young people want to talk about it and they do for this a priority. Compare the points of view of this young people, their experiences in order to compare the differences (differences of life style, of cultures, of points of view) To fight against hatred and to allow the emancipation, the blooming of each human being, no matter where he comes from. The Young people during this two weeks will have the possibility to exchange and talk about big topics, but at the same time visit the region, meet the local people… The Popular Education (Education Populaire) and the active participation of young people inspire the methods that we use. The motivation and participation of the teenagers will be always requested to propose and organize activities. The group will be hosted in the Park of the Association of Beaumotte under the camping tents and all the resources of the association will be available for the group (kitchen, toilettes, bathrooms and common spaces). The young people will be responsible of their daily life, they will decide their menus, their cooking and the cleaning. In the interest of autonomy and taking initiative, the participants will be responsible not only for their daily life but also for their free time. The Association Centre de Beaumotte has a very solid network of local partenaires ( association, volunteers, local institutions), who will insure the intercultural meeting of the participants and the good development of the activities. The “Education Poulaire” and the Education for peace inspire the methods that will be used during the different steps of developing of the project and the workshops, to allow all the participants to find a place in the progect.



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