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Let's play inclusion again !
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 mars 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Concordia Normandie Maine welcome, since 17 years, youth people with less opportunities on various volunteering projects and especially on work-camp. Indeed, we want that everybody can get involved on work-camp, that’s why we offer a special management for to youth concerned by geographical, social and economic difficulties followed-up by specialized organization, social worker and educator. It’s in this context that we propose, linked with our European partners, an Erasmus+ training on the topic of “Let’s play inclusion again”. The main aim of the training is to encourage the participant to contribute at the building of an active society based on the diversity and favorise the youth with less opportunities commitment who are generaly discriminated because of disability or their heavy social background. The training will allow the participant to think about the methodology to foster the youth with less opportunity integration, exchange, mutualise tools and knowhow used in their professional habits and increase their skills in project management and work with youth in different needs. Plus, the training pursue to initiate young people and educators to innovative ways to do which will be used in the promotion of social inclusion. That’s why we’ll particularly insist on the game as tool for social and cultural inclusion and conflict management. The specific objectives are: - Define the concept of inclusion/exclusion, identify the target groups and analyze their needs, their expectation and their motivation - Present the various approaches and the practices in the promoting organization, share know how and develop new tools - Question on how a group work and the place of the facilitator - Explore and promote the use of game as tool for social inclusion and an active participation of youth with less opportunities - Create a tool box for using in the future projects The following topics will be approached: - Define the popular education and the pedagogical methods with the insistence on the social and cultural inclusion initiatives - Reflection on the place of the facilitator, how a group is working and the importance in the inclusion process with the oppressed theatre - Exchanges of practices and method used in the various organization and other socio-culturel context - Practical workshops on the game as tool for conflict management, mediation and facilitation. The global methodology used by the trainers will be based on a active pedagogy and exchanges of knowledge and practices, each one have to come back from the training with concrete examples and tools to use in the daily work with youth with less opportunities. Various workshops discussion will be organized to encourage a non formal collective learning to allow the participant to spread their knowledge in a local, national and international level. This is a popular education project, it mean that knowledge is something to build more than something to transmit. The group will be constituted by 21 participants from 7 countries of the European Union: trainers, youth workers, volunteers and active members in the field of youth work all interested by the topic of the training, with 4 trainers. It will take place from the 26th to the 31st of October, in the middle of a urban district, Les Sablons, in the city of Le Mans. They will live in a collective place, all inclusive. We plan to elaborate a handbook online made of video and animation form, allowing the participant and all those who won’t be a part of it to get familiar with all the result of the training. Otherwise, this training all the participants will be able to valorize their experience in various fields through the creation of a Youthpass.



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