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Let`s Meet Together
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project title is: "Let`s Meet Together..." and the idea is that the project activities are focused around six meetings in six countries of Europe and each of them starts a new leading topic for the following months. The project is divided into 36-month period to analyse the topics more precisely. The participants meet virtually or face to face and deal with the activities planned for the partnership. The schools represent two types: primary and secondary ones. They come from different parts of Europe: Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Spain and Norway. Two schools are primary ( Polish and Lithuanian)and the others are secondary ones. This variety has the added value for the project. The leading topics of the meetings represent the issues in which all partner schools are interested. These are such topics: our regions, our music and dances, our food traditions, sports activities and historical places. These simple topics let us analyse, discuss, teach and learn from each other about our countries, cultures, traditions, music, food and history. We promote healthy lifestyles and European cultural diversity. The role of the students in the project activities is essential and they take part in decision making process at all levels of project implementation. The methods which we use are interesting for students and useful for teachers. The students prepare the mini projects, slideshows, plays and dance performances, films, albums, glossaries, lessons, videoconferences and write e-mails. The students work with active training, collaborative learning and critical thinking methods. The students take part in all L/T/T Activities to work on the project results with the help of teachers. There is one Transnational Project Meeting in the middle of the project to manage the project in a better way for teachers and headmasters. The obtained results are of tangible character and are mentioned below. The others are intangible results like: tolerance towards other nations, the knowledge about European cultural diversity and digital and linguistic skills of teachers and students. These results have great impact on students` future lives when they will work in teams, speak better foreign languages and use ICT technologies in their future jobs. The project results also have influence on the teachers who gain specific knowledge to prepare for the lessons and workshops, improve their English. We understand that better educated teacher means wider students` knowledge and better exam results. The objectives we put stress on are analysed by all partner schools, however, there are some schools which develop the subjects in which they are specialized. It looks as follows: Polish and Lithuanian schools teach the others how to work with the active training methods, and how to include the youngest into project activities. Norwegian school shows partner schools` students and teachers the entrepreneur education, methods to teach and learn it because the school is very good at this aspect. The Norwegian staff prepares the workshop about: The role of the teacher, what to change and to improve? because in this country teachers seem to be respected more. The Spanish and Turkish schools want to discuss the problem of early school leaving and we do it before and after the meeting in Spain. The project demands the work of teachers of different profile. We touch the problems both of primary schools and Early Children Education as well as secondary schools. We deal with subjects taught by teachers of: languages, history, biology, geography, music, sport and Early Children Education and Care. They cooperate and share their experience and knowledge at the meetings and on the project`s e-Twinning platform. We hope to continue our partnership in the future and to inspire other institutions to take part in such projects.



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