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Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Sign up for the project is based on the integration of young people with fewer opportunities, promotes cultural diversity, involves a young person from the EU, which learns about the opportunities and rights that citizens have. The project will primarily seek to reduce youth unemployment and poverty. 2 months, from early March until the end of April 2015 we will host a volunteer from Turkey, which will be informally educated, develop a variety of skills and gained a lot of knowledge. During the visit, the volunteer will be discovered a new language, a new culture. He will gained a lot of experience in the field of re-use of the textiles and organizing humanitarian actions. He will be included in each project and activity at all levels and in different situations. He will be fully integrated into the young team, which will be fully take care of his dignity during his visit. After integration in the organization he will receive a work plan of activities, he will also have the opportunity to propose projects and the opportunity to exchange new ideas. Together with the team, the volunteer will: - participate in projects (humanitarian, environmental Protection - re-use of used clothing), collaborated with the local media, - to assist staff in their daily work in the second-hand shop with baby equipment and clothing, - attend various meetings and will work closely with all our partners of the project. He will also be informed about work in non-governmental association, bureaucracy, application projects, teamwork, cooperation at the local level and in international projects. Youth workers from other non-governmental organizations in the local area, will also participate in activities. The project will focus on education of young people, developing of leadership skills, the opportunity to exchange views and best practices among NGOs, with a focus on environmental issues and humanitarian. The objectives of the project are: - Promote youth exchanges, cooperation and training, non-formal learning in youth work, - Increase awareness of sustainability issues, - Increase awareness of local and social topics, - Promoting exchanges of views, different methods and experiences among participants, - To promote cooperation between organizations and to enrich the educational environment of host organization, - To contribute to the development of well-educated, open-minded and internationally experienced young people as future professionals, - Enable volunteers to acquire knowledge or specific experiences and good practices abroad as well as practical   skills that will be relevant to its work and its further development, - Foster mutual understanding between young people from different countries, - Promote active citizenship of young people

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