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Let's make the "right(s)" communication
Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Training course ‘Let’s make the "right(s)" communication’ aims to provide the participants an opportunity to gain deeper understanding of human rights, particularly human rights of children and youth, who are one of the most vulnerable group. Moreover, through the training course aims to increase the competencies of youth organizations and youth workers to advocate for human rights and mainstream human rights in their practices as well as to effectively use media (traditional and social one) in raising awareness of wider population on children and youth human rights issues. Through project activities based on non-formal education 28 participants coming from Macedonia, Spain, Romania, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Latvia and Croatia will have an opportunity to develop their competencies in above described areas and moreover the participants will work on development new public raising awareness campaigns that together with new developed project ideas will contribute to raise awareness of public and especially young people on human rights issues and moreover contribute to mainstreaming human rights education in youth work and youth polices. Training course ‘Let’s make the "right(s)" communication’ is design in line with the priorities and objectives of Erasmus + Programme: Key Action 1 and following project objectives: • To strength participants competencies in the area of human rights and to provide the participants an opportunity to get to know deeper insight into human rights mechanisms and to reflect on the conflicts in human rights;• To increase participants competencies in area of human rights education and especially to enable the participants to implemented human rights education activities encompasses values such as peace, non-discrimination, equality, justice, respect for human dignity in their non-formal educational practices;• To increase competencies of participants and participating organizations to mainstream human rights education at youth work and youth policies;• To develop participants ability to effectively advocate for human rights and use different media tools to create social campaigns raising awareness of public on human rights issues of children and youth;• To support sharing good working practices among the participants and support development new non-formal learning tools and methods that can be used when implementing projects tackling human rights issues;• To strengthen knowledge of the participants and participating organizations of Erasmus + Programme and provide the participants an opportunity to work on development of new project ideas.The project will be based on non-formal education and include variety of tools and activities reflecting different learning styles that the participants might have. Training course will contain individual based activities, team challenges, simulations, activities based on theatre approach, interactive insights based on used various visual aids. During the training the participants will have also an opportunity to take part in practical media workshops implemented with aim to develop participants competencies to develop and implement successful public awareness campaign focus especially on development digital competencies of the participants. Moreover, training course will also include activities that will provide the participants a space for self-reflection on learning process or feedback based activities to ensure that the project is meeting the participants learning needs and contributing to their personal and professional development.The training course Let’s make the "right(s)" communication’ will be apply by Spanish organization Mille Cunti and host by Volunteers Centre Skopje from Macedonia from 21 to 28 June 2016 in small city Struga.



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