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Let's make music on in the classroom!
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Let's Make Music On in the Classroom is the result of the idea that through music we can teach in better ways in our classes. Our schools are in disadvantaged areas so we want to give our students equal and quality education as it is in big and more modern cities. We want to include them in our project and encourage them to take part in this kind of activities. From each school we will choose students from different level of classes, from different social and economic backgrounds, especially students who are at risk of social isolation. The school staff will be chosen from those who eagerly want to take part in project activities, who are interested in the topic of the project and who will devote themselves to the achievement of the project objectives. Teachers who play active roles in preparing the project will also be included in this project. Apart from the teachers and students who will participate in the transnational project meetings, there will be other teachers and students who will be included all local activities. We plan to include 20 teachers and 100 students from each participating countries in all project activities. Parents and local people will also be encouraged to support the project and take part in some of the activities in local level. Objectives: By inventing and sharing new methods to be used in our classes and we can share culture among different countries and develop tolerance and understanding among them. Nine countries have come together to cooperate in educational activities so that they can share new and innovative approaches in teaching and learning so that we will increase the quality of education in partner schools. Doing this, we will enhance creativity and cultural diversity, early School Leaving / combating failure in education and gender equality (by choosing same number of boys and girls) This project will lead to chances for students and teachers by exchanging of experiences to strengthen the European dimension and to improve the quality of schools through transnational cooperation with participating in this partnership. Based on the use of music in the classroom we want to share and explore how each of the partner organizations uses music and song in the process of teaching students in classes. Using music in different ways: - As an icebreaker and confidence builder in the field of school education. - As a tool to motivate students for learning languages. - As a tool of building team spirit. - As a teaching tool in languages. The project consist of a series of "seminars" and/or "workshops" organized by one institution at a time, where the people involved in the project (staff, teachers and students) will experience and put into practice the activities provided by the host institution. The project activities will be filmed in order to create a database of music activities available to everyone on the net showing different approaches to using music as a teaching tool. The project activities will be filmed in order to create a database of music activities available to everyone on the net showing different approaches to using music as a teaching tool. This innovative project will bring together staff, students and parents from a different group of cultures, backgrounds and ages in a multinational knowledge exchange to improve ways to teach and learn and to share best practices in Europe. About our project activities: Before the transnational activities teachers and students (with the guidance of teachers) will prepare some presentations related to the topic of the transnational activity. While using music in the classroom, teachers will also create new ways to motivate students and try to make them like their school so students will try to attend the school more. They compile everything they have already been using or they have just invented. They prepare presentations and a micro-teaching lesson to share with other countries. Students also compile and finish their presentations. They all present their work to other partner schools. As for the cultural side of the project, schools will choose some national songs and they will try to play the other countries music with their national musical instrument. As the methodology we will be using: We will always give the students to work as a team and we will respect to what they produce. Teachers will be guides for them. Teachers will also work as a team and they will share their experience with other teachers. The results and impact: The results will be a database of activities open to everyone especially teachers and other school staff to use in their classes. At the end of the project there will be a lot of material such as video recordings of activities, photos, students' and teacher's comments and experience in the course of the project, news on local press, a methodology book open to everyone, reports of the meetings, a leaflet, a project web site.



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