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Date du début: 15 nov. 2015, Date de fin: 14 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In our country, the result of the work carried out by the National Agency for the many young people in Europe have opened the door and was able to adapt quickly to Europe. Akçakoyunlu Sports Club young people to go abroad admitted to the Association within the scope of the activities in question as the Association of live experience serious about mobility in Europe due to lack of financial means and the lack of EU information. Society as a youth, money regardless of them to serve as volunteers in an environment where different languages and to the people of knowledge and have heard that happiness and raise their awareness towards the European citizenship, to participate in social life, spiritual, we want to contribute to the physical and personal development. The formation of young people's confidence in this context, the country went language and the common language is English to learn, to gain the ability to continue its plans should be living by staying within a certain budget, socialize, intended to obtain European and European philosophy depth can remember for life. Therefore, in agreement with our partners we have been focusing on this goal. Young friends will go global understanding and awareness of Europe will expand as a European citizen. Volunteering at the European level understanding of living with different people learn. Integrated into local, recognizing different language and culture, by allowing other forms of life and their business scope, feeling the need to take more responsibility and being recognized; gain a multilateral learning experience. In addition, our projects and encourage them to take an active role in their nation or the EU countries. Personal care of the person and the cat would assist in the institutions they serve, their interest, and thanks to the people, to live, they will be sensitive to the nature and the environment. Do not understand the mentality to cooperate with those of the European institutions and they will be found and together. On the other hand the project will do social activities, environmental hygiene and animal welfare due to cultural and social aspects will show improvement in the European atmosphere.



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