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Let's Learn and Build together
Date du début: 17 juin 2014, Date de fin: 17 avr. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project "Let's learn and build together" is a seminar held under the new programm Erasmus +. It will takes place in Montendre from 23rd to 30th June, at the "Maison des bateleurs", hosting structure for Solidarités Jeunesses Poitou-Charentes. This seminar is for youth workers with the aim of strengthening their knowledge about this program and to exchange ideas about it. Furthermore, participants will share their own experiences, and exchange on young people's problems and needs from Europe and partner countries. The aims are multiple: we want to convey and converge on working tools and methods for youth workers. We will analyse techniques to implement and maintain a good group dynamic, and the processes of conflict resolution. This intercultural exchange will enable a cohesion of respective practices and consolidate the European partnership. Therefore, participants will have the necessary means to create European projects and to promote international youth mobility. For the project, the number of participants will be 16 , that is to say 2 persons per country, more 3 trainers. The only requirement for the profile of the participants is that they must be youth workers. Planned activities will include: - Introduce the program of activities , organization and the respective needs of each person, allowing the group to take ownership of the seminar program and to create a good work dynamic. - Touch on the new Erasmus + and ensure that all participants have the same level of information to continue to work on building and developping the project. - Present the different partner organizations , so that everyone understands the context, the respective activities and issues. - Exchange on professional practice to analyze the needs and expectations of young people and highlight the most common problems in the accompanying work of the latter . - Deal with previously defined themes and to work on the development of the new project. - Share and convey the tools and methods to discuss the importance of group dynamic and of resolution conflict. - Present the idea of the project to discuss the possibility and legitimacy of the proposed activities - Enable time for daily evaluation to express feelings and to allow constructive ideas, in this way the participants will share a degree of satisfaction regarding the seminar. These workshops will be in english with translations possible within each group to allow for better understanding. Moreover, all the activities described have been created with non formal education in mind, allowing each person to actively participate and express themselves. Therefore, these diverse activities have been developed to valorise the participant's experience and skills in a dynamic way in order to encourage the participation and reflection of everyone. Participants will therefore be fully involved in the project.



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