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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The "Let's Improve in Europe II" project is led by the Consortium formed by the following entities: - IES Los Viveros, sending organisation and coordinator of the consortium (Sevilla). - IES Antonio de Ulloa, sending organisation (La Rinconada, Sevilla). - IES Juan de Mairena, sending organisation (Mairena del Alcor, Sevilla). - IES San José de la Rinconada, sending organisation (San José de la Rinconada, Sevilla). Today is running the first edition of the project "Let's Improve in Europe". It was approved in the 2014 call of proposals. The results so far are very positive, measured in terms of involvement of each of the centers and the level of interest showed by the participants. All of the 41 student mobilities for granted practices (FCT) have been covered in a single call. The stays have been planned from March to June 2015 (Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Croatia and Czech Republic). The Consortium is betting on the Erasmus + Program as an effective training, empowerment and practical training tool. The activities that are going to carry out are as follows: - Mobilities for STUDENTS for training in companies. - Mobilities for the STAFF (Job Shadowing). A. OBJECTIVES A.1.- For the CONSORTIUM components: - Promoting excellence in the internationalization and innovation of education through cooperation between educational and social entities (both national and transnational). - Promote the creation of permanent lines of collaboration between schools and the business world. A.2. For STUDENTS (students of the last course pending the completion of the obligatory period of training in companies) and recent graduates. - Develop key skills required for the transition from education and training to the European labor market and basic vocational and generic skills. - To offer 42 training periods of 90 days of duration, to be carried on work placements in Italy (10), Czech Republic (10) and UK (22). The estimated number of participants from each Vet schools is: - I.E.S. Los Viveros: 5 - I.E.S Juan de Mairena: 12 - I.E.S San Jose: 15 - I.E.S Antonio Ulloa: 10 - To improve language skills of the participants. - Promoting intercultural awareness and values. A.3. For PERSONAL: - Update / acquisition of innovative teaching techniques through the development of training experiences in schools included in the Partnership of the Project (Job shadowing and sharing experiences): 8 mobilities of 5 days in the UK and Italy, in the involving a total of 8 teachers or directors of schools. - Analyze the adequacy of the "European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training" (ECVET), by observing specific cases. B. EXPECTED RESULTS B.1.- STUDENTS (FCT): - Acquisition of knowledge, skills and professional skills that can be certified and validated by the sending organisations, based on specifications Officers Training Programmes of each training specialty. Consideration PASS / APTA in the traineeship is sine qua non for obtaining the official degree. B.2.- JUST GRADUATES - Employment. It expected that at least 20% of participants will find a job after 6 months from the completion of the mobilities. B.3.-STAFF Create an european network aimed to collaborate closely on Education Projects (Development of training programs, teaching methodologies, assessment systems) and very specifically in the analysis of the development of the Implementation of the European Credit System for Vocational Training (ECVET). B.4.-COMMON LANGUAGE LEVELS: Mobilities will have direct impact on the improvement of language skills of the participants. VITAL EXPERIENCE: Is Expected that at least the 90% of Participants will think that the mobility experience has helped them to improve their professional and transversal competences. B.5.-CONSORTIUM Quantification of the results obtained by the Consortium will be the result of the Addition of the Partial Results of one of each of the Partners; although is expected to obtain synergies. The development of the Second Edition of the Project "Let's improve in Europe" will allow the Consortium to contact to new social agents, companies and european educational centers. This will contribute to improve its partner network in Europe



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