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Let's Go! Mobilità Trasnazionali e Formative per i Giovani
Date du début: 1 nov. 2014, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project Let's Go inserts in the wide context of the objectives of Europe 2020 with the aim of integrating policies for education and training in the Strategy, the mandate that the European Union has given to all operators in the sector. Two key aspects of the Strategy: 1) the promotion of a "sustainable, smart and inclusive" economic growth; 2) the reduction of early dropout in charge of young people. The overlap between the current economic crisis and the data, that emerge from ISTAT surveys on training poverty of young people, give us a complete inescapable picture: in Italy there are more than 113.000 young people between 14 and 17 years old out of the school–training channels and they represent 5% of the resident population in the same age group; there are more than 2 million young people who do not work and do not study, representing 22% of the population, the incidence is significantly higher than in other European countries; the proportion of NEET is prevalent in the South, where the incidence of the phenomenon reaches 30,9%, although in recent years is also growing in the Central-North, especially the Northeast, where the crisis has intensified the phenomenon of non-employment. Let's Go is coherent with the objectives set by the Europe 2020 Strategy and taken back by the Italian government document "Italia 2020: piano di azione per l’occupabilità dei giovani attraverso l’integrazione tra apprendimento e lavoro"; the project would promote the development of techniques skills (compared to the demand of enterprises) through the creation of an internship period, carried out during the course of the studies - as advocated by the Italian document - to develop the culture of work and enterprise, of language skills and citizenship skills and entrepreneurial spirit. Let's Go promotes 300 mobilities for the realization of internship in enterprises, pointed towards young people of the circuit of Education and Vocational Training. These young people come from the network CONFAP (National Entities for Vocational Training) and Professional Technical Institutes of the Province of Padua. The beneficiaries are: - the second and third annual paths of regional qualification (in some cases fourth annual path where required under regional regulation); - neo-qualified of qualification paths of not more than one year; - young of the4th and 5th class of technical professional institutes; - the graduates of not more than one year from the education pathways and technical professional. The young beneficiaries come from 17 Italian regions (from North to South Italy). Let's Go is a "multi- sectorial" project because it involves young people from different professional backgrounds (33% catering, 20 % mechanical, 17% agro-alimentary transformation, 7% of electricity, 10% of thermo-plumbing, 10 % well-being, 3% graphics). The correspondence between the type of beneficiaries, professional profiles and countries of destination is designed on the specific professional sectors in relation to the offer of the labour market of the European territorial contexts involved. The profiles of mechanics, electricity, thermo-plumbing will go in Germany, UK, Spain and Sweden. The profiles of the catering will travel to France, Germany, Spain and Malta. The profiles of agro-alimentary transformation will go to Spain. The profiles of well-being will travel to UK. The graphic profiles will go to Germany. The pedagogical approach of the project is intercultural because the internship activities foreseen are designed in function, on the one hand, of the reinforcement of learning already established by the beneficiary in Italy (strengthening of the starting situation), from another hand, in function of the learning to be acquired in the country of destination (differences-comparative learning; product/typical processes of the country of destination, the various laws of hygiene and safety in the workplace; different measurement techniques; different types of raw materials used for processing). Lets'Go project also provides for the use of ECVET tools (learning Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding) for the personalized design of transnational mobility, in view of the enhancement of learning outcomes, acquired in the individual experiences of mobility. The mobilities include the realization of internships in enterprise, being this a true learning context (Work-based Learning). The expected impacts are of long-term and they are related to the design of mobility as an active investment of the promoter in social and employment integration policies. Let's Go intends to pursue: the integration of training and transnational mobility in the life project of the beneficiary (in recognition of the mobility in the formal learning pathway, awareness of enterprise’s stakeholders to the value of learning mobility).



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