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Let´s get school outdoor
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project joins the schools of similar size and character - small village schools. They live and work in similar enviroment and background - surrounded by nature, in rural areas, with close contact to the local community. These schools have similar opportunities and limits. They work in areas separated from the main centres, very often in rural areas with high unemployment. Their advantage is the environment they are surrounded by. The project wants to use the advantages and work with the environment. It is focused on Outdoor education. It will show children the environment around them as a source of knowledge. It will help them respect and protect the environment. The project also wants to open school to its surroundings, join it with the real life. It explores the ways of using Outdoor education in lessons as well as learning through various outdoor and out-of-school activities. It is designed for three years. The first year deals with using Outdoor education in different seasons, countrysides and climates. The partners work on common activities, for example the sample book of naturel dyers, land-art, orienteering. The outcomes will be shared on the common blog. The partners will have the opportunity to compare the results of their work. The second year explores the ways of using Out-of-school activities in different school subjects. The partners will profit from attending museums, theatres, concerts and other events connected with their education plan. The third year is focused on behaving and surviving in nature. It starts with an Outdoor education course. Teachers should learn there some facts, skills, activities and techniques they will practise with their pupils during the year - for example first-aid, surviving techniques, using natural materials, nature protection. Mobilities make a very important part of the project. There will be a project meeting in each partner school together with a short-term exchgange of groups of pupils. Even if not all pupils can take part in the student exchanges they will profit from hosting children from partner schools. There will be a short-term joint staff training event - Outdoor activities course for teachers.


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