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Let's Get Motivated!
Date du début: 10 août 2015, Date de fin: 9 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project was developed through the cooperation of our organization with partners from Norway, the Netherlands and Great Britain, these organizations have joined forces and created an application for exchange. The main theme chosen by us is MOTIVATION. The idea was born during a number of international projects in which participants did notice a decrease in motivation during various workshops. We ourselves have to often struggle with a decrease in the incentives that affects our lives, work and closest environment. In order to prevent such a situation and activate our environment we want to carry out a project which would develope us, and so we would influence the world around us. We want to try to incorporate and pass on the known methods gained on motivation workshops. Aimes of the project: -increased motivation of each participant to work in NGOs, local communities. - Improving communication skills and interpersonal skills needed to work in a team. - exchanging experiences of individuals who cooperate with non-governmental organizations, implementing social projects -teaching participants basic skills needed to work with the group. - broadening knowledge of self-motivation among participants -broadening awareness of the role of our thoughts in everyday life among the participants - broadening awareness of the essence of faith in himself in order to succeed -development of knowledge about the internal and external motivation and factors that inhibit motivation - learning of effective motivation among participants - deepening knowledge of the impact of positive thinking on human - broadening knowledge of the role of regeneration, rest in labor productivity, learning. Methods: motivational workshops -Group integration -What is motivation? -what motivation gives us? -?Life is how your thoughts make it? -Success -?I wish I wanted that much as I don't want to? -Motivational workshops-practical -Motivation process -Do today what you were suppose to do tomorrow-you will have two days off. -How to cope with procrastination -Balancing effort and regeneration -Rules of proper communication. Ethics of teamwork Participants: Youth from Poland, Norway, the Netherlands and Great Britain aged 18-28 years old. Place: Warsaw Effects: - Increased participants energy to engage in social work and derive satisfaction from them. -Increased confidence and openness of the participants in social interaction and awareness of their rights and rights of others, and thus begin the process of formation of appropriate attitudes - Developing ways of coping with difficult situations that take place in non-governmental organizations, as well as in everyday life. -Ability to build a good presentation, awareness of non-verbal communication and increased self-confidence when speaking in public. - Improving knowledge and pedagogical skills of participants



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