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Let's get ART-CENTERed and SELF-EMPLOYed !
Date du début: 10 août 2016, Date de fin: 9 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Youth Exchange Let's get ART-CENTERed and SELF-EMPLOYed is a kind of follow-up activity of Erasmus + Seminar "DIY – Do It Yourself, Do It as a Youth-worker – creative solutions for unemployment among young artists” (September 2015, Wolimierz). Meeting of young people from Poland, Estonia, Italy, Spain and Turkey will take place in mountain village Wolimierz (Poland) in October 2016.Youth Exchange will last 8 days and will gether together 25 young people (aged 23-30)The main topic of Youth Exchane : self-employment as a creative solution for unemployment among young artists Youth Exchange will consist of three integrate parts:1 part (3 days) – Integration and entrepreneurship workshops preapared by team-leaders 2 part (4 days) – Simulation game on how to manage art-center3 part (1 day) – profound EvaluationAll the activities are based on principles of non/in- formal learning and will be planned and done in the context of Self directed learningUnemployment among young artists is especially urgent. Therefore it is high time for creative solutions ! Self-employment - is one of the possible solutions and ART- center, as a form of self-employment - this is our creative solution that we want to share with young peopleTHE PROJECT that gives young people opportunity to meet other cultures, their peers from other coutries, become more self-confident, THE PROJECT that is dedicated to the topic of employability and concentrated on the solution rather then on problem - IS A GREAT SUPPORT for youngsters that are about to finish education or just finished and searching for a job"Let's get ART-CENTERed and SELF-EMPLOYed !” is a very strong tool for youth empowerment ! Since YE program, place of realisation, people and organisations involved - everything - strongly encourage, inspire and motovate for Self-directed learning, learning by doing and learning from peers !The main aim of “Let’s get ART-CENTERed and SELF-EMPLOYed ! ” is to give young people – young artists practical skills that will enhance their self-employment development"Let's get ART-CENTERed and SELF-EMPLOYed” aims to give young people opportunity to meet with other young people from other coutries, discover new cultures, increase own self-confidenceYouth Exchange “Let’s get ART-CENTERed and SELF-EMPLOYed ! is created by young people and will be implemented by young people under support of team-leaders.As the result of the project we plan to make inspirational film (up to 15 minutes) that aims to promote achivements of our YE and will continue inspiring young people after the project will be finishedAs follow-up activity we plan workshops at local communities lead by young people at their home places In order to make a good quality project we are planning to meet with team-leaders before the Youth exchange. We are planning to make in August 2016 APV meeting Special feature of our project is that during our Youth Exchange young people can safely „try out how to manage such a big mashine of Art-center” in friendly atmosphere next to peers and experienced supervisors. In that way it is a perfect answer for YOUTH EMPOWERMENT


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