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Let's gardening with the elders! 2015
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Let's Gardening with the Elders! It is a long-term EVS (9 months, from 1st October to 1st July) to be placed in Patronato Hogar Nuestra Señora de los Angeles, a nursing home located in the Miraflores de los Angeles, in Malaga, Spain and whose objectives are: · Giving the elderly who live in this home, many of whom were immigrants in their youth, the opportunity to benefit from an intergenerational and intercultural environment. · Promoting among our olders active aging and healthy lifestyles through participation in activities such as gardening and crafting. For this project we would like 3 participants aged between 18 and 30 years, highly motivated, with good attitude and mood, interested in working with old people and in the topic of our project. Furthermore, chased gender ratio 2:1. Therefore, participants selected to build the team in this activity are: · Roberto Curcio (28 years old, Italy): A boy who has very good attitude, initiative and leadership skills. He also speaks Spanish, facilitating communication between the team and the elderly, especially during the beggining of the project. · Jurate Ziedelyte (27 years old, Lithuania): A responsible, quiet, nice girl, with initiative and keen to invest her time with old people, which is an important value to her and to us. · Florjan Norra (24 years old, Greece): A guy highly motivated about the topic of the project, especially in horticulture, crafts and healthy lifestyle. The main goal of the activity is to promote active aging among the elders living in the nursing home by setting up a garden in the center, where seasonal fruits and vegetables will be planted and collected. Volunteers will help the elderly to participate in this activity, guiding and assisting them. Moreover, decorate our garden. For this, the elders helped by our European volunteers will make mosaics and paintings for adjoining walls, decorate and paint their pots, etc. Finally, volunteers will participate in some daily activities in the center such as helping to serve lunch to the residents or accompanying residents when trips are organized. To carry out these activities, volunteers will attend the center five days a week (Monday to Friday), 34 hours a week and their tasks will include: · Involve the elderly in the care of the garden, with light duties as may be watering, planting, harvesting vegetables, etc. · Deal with heavier tasks in the garden, raking, pruning, etc. · Conduct workshops for the elders: crafts to decorate the garden, to make mosaics, decorate flower pots, etc. · Participate in daily activities of the center. During these activities, volunteers will have the opportunity of develop their creativity and initiative, contributing ideas related workshops. This will give participants and elders the opportunity to live an intergenerational experience while intercultural. Thus, volunteers procured through non-formal education knowledge and skills related to: · Dealing with older people, often with physical and / or mental disabilities. · Develop and lead workshops related to their interests, adapted for people with disabilities. · Carry out their own ideas and initiatives · Communicate in foreign languages, improving their communication skills in Spanish and English · Explore new interests · Approaching other cultures and learn from them · Share their own cultures We believe that this experience can give participants the opportunity to develop skills that can be useful in the long term, helping them to find a job in their home countries. We anticipate that these activities impact on the target community, ie, older residing in the Patronato Home Our Lady of the Angels improving their quality of life..: · When you provide them with activities that promotes a healthy lifestyle. · Allowing participation in meaningful to them that promote active aging workshops. · Giving them the opportunity to bond with young people from other cultures, willing to devote their time and accompany every day.



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