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Let's explore!
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The title of the project – Let's explore!Place of the Project – Panevezys special education centre "Sviesa"Target group – intellectually disabled children and Youth from EU. Participating countries: LT, AT, ESP, FR, RONumber of volunteers: 4Main idea of the project – Learning by doing together.Objective of the project – To create environments for open and direct dialogue, collaboration between able and disabled youth, in pursuance of personal, social and professional (vocational) changes.Project’s aims:• To include volunteers in social exclusion reduction activities for people with disabilities. • To develop youth’s civil (citizenship) responsible behavior and approach, providing the opportunity to participate in activities.• To promote self confidence of volunteers and disabled youth.• To make new friends, communicate with them and stay in touch.• To develop collaboration skills of able and disabled youth.• To promote cross-cultural dialogue.• To provide the opportunity to implement various educational activities.• To promote self-expression and self-regulation skills in youth using creative methods.• To include youth who have lower opportunities in the different activities.• To acquire the competencies needed for future professional (vocational) activity.• To develop ability to disseminate (spread) gained experiences to peers and society.Methods – learning of communication and collaboration, non formal meetings/discussions, working in group, team work, cognitive, creative, intercultural methods, practical work, presentations, methods of active learning and evaluation, simulations, games for the integration, alternative communication.Duration of the project: 01-08-2016/30-09-2017 (14 months)



4 Participants partenaires