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Let´s enjoy and protect the green gym!
Date du début: 1 avr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Many studies and iniciatives (as for example Eurobarometer or The Toronto Charter for physical activity) point to the lack of physical activity among citizens and especially among youth and children. The lack of physical activity increase the number of healthy issues, which are caused by the passive way of life and is reflected also by psychical issues of citizens, who are suffering under stress and pressure, which they can´t control. These issues negative influence the budget of EU member states, due to expenses which are necessery for theit treatment.The project Let´s enjoy and save the green gym is a contribution for prevention of this negative phenomenon. The aim of the project is the support of physical activities in free nature. Thanks to this project it´s participants should recognize the importance of sports , it´s influence not only on the physics but also on psychic of a human being. The participants will be motivated to spread this attitude among their friends and public. They will learn specific methods of enjoying nature as a green gym also for organised groups. The project will provide information about nature conservation, which is an important issue to remember while organising group sports events in the nature. By this way the participants will be motivated to considerate and respectfull behaviour not only towards each other but also towards the nature und so they will be focused on concernig the consequences of their actions. The project will consists of theorethical inputs from experienced proffessionals in the field of sport events organisation and nature protection, these information will be transformed by the participants into new possible projects and enriched by their own ideas In the practical part the participants will try out the specific outdoor activities and they will organise activities for other participants by themself.The aim is to support the individual engagenment of every single participant in his own home organisation in his country in organising projects focused on the physical activity in the nature or even initiate them.The participants themself should recognise, the importance for their physical and psychical health and also, that it can be a tool for social inklusion and team building.We would be happy if the participants would get excited about sports in nature and use in their future life the new skills they will learn during this project and so they will spread the positive impact of this project in their countries.



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