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Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 31 mars 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"LET’S DO DEMOCRACY" is a youth mobility project that will take place in 10 - 17 November 2015 date in Turkey/Antalya province with 28 number participants from Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Italy, Latvia, Litvania, Egypt, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Jordan, Morocco, Azerbaijan and hosting country Turkey. The age range of the participants is 18 - 35. There will be total 28 participants 2 traniner 2 staff person. Our project is written after our group has noticed the fact that democracy is the most known and widespread concept and form of government around the world and as a result of it it is shaped in various ways, defined in different understandings and put into different patterns; and democratic countries or the active young people or citizens who are intertested in democracy comment on democracy in different ways and it causes some shortcomings and problems among those different people and their ideas. Our target is to create a suitable environments for those different participants coming from different countries to come together, exchange knowledges and informations about democracy understanding and find the problems together (as a group) and find solutions for those problems again all together (as a group). In this context, our project includes these main targets; - To understand the importance of active youth participation in youth works and daily life in a better way and to promote it in a wide range of formats, - To load new and original meanings into the concepts such as citizenship, individualism, communities, civil society, the public, the elements of the state and the authority by the help of project activities, - To analyze the reality of the youth participation and active citizenship in resent days, - To emphasize on the importance of youth participation for the 'democracy' concept, - To understand the needs and the capacity of the young people, - To improve new actions to promote democratic and pluralistic participation of the active young people. In order to achieve our targets; *Redifinition of democracy by young participants by working out on workshop activities such as 'The Workshop of the Concepts' *Participating in the interview about democracy will be held in Akdeniz University and promoting the project with such scientific abd educational supports, *Defining the democracy problems in the participants' countries and environments by creating a group and again by the help of the same group, finding solutions to those problems; will be supplied by our project. During performance processes of those activities, mainly non-formal education methods will be used. Moreover, the eight key skills set by European Commission such as; communication in the mother tongue, communication in foreign languages, getting benefit from information and communication technologies, social and civic competences, entrepreneurship, development of cultural awareness and expression skills are expected to be improved by the participants in our project as a natual result of avticity plans.



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