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Let's Discover Digital Learning and Technology
Date du début: 15 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 14 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In our digital era people must develop their knowledge and skills on using ICT and digitools in order to get better education and manage well on labour market. Therefore the project has the following priorities: 1. enhancing digital integration in learning, teaching, training and youth work at various levels; 2. developing basic and transversal skills using innovative methods 3. effective strategies for enhancing basic skills. Both partner municipalities will involve direct target groups as children in playschools, students in schools, teachers, educationalists, people at social risk. Also local people and people with social risks will be involved to make them more aware with modern technology and web tools. A group of students in Väätsa Municipality who have founded Väätsa television, Väätsa radio and help to publish Väätsa local newspaper will be also involved to the project to get and give their knowledge and experiences to partners and students in partner country to talk about possibilities how, through which activities young people can spend their free time developing themselves. They will create films and broadcasts about events carried out during the project. Students, teachers and administrative staff exchanging events will take place. Those students will be involved to workshops and seminars as lecturers to present their works. The aim is to strengthen collaboration of administrative staff with schools, playschools, youth centres, local people, strengthen the profile of teaching, to handle better different situations in the classrooms using new methods with web and digitools, make studies more innovative for young people, lessen school failure. Also improve the quality of pre-school education in order to give better start for attending school. Involve adults to Lifelong Learning Program in order to help them getting job and manage better on labour market, improve their skills on ICT and technology. In all levels students and other people can improve their skills in language learning, broaden mind in cultural diversities, be more tolerant towards others. As both partner municipalities are very keen on developing the issue of new technological solutions and integrating it to education, afterschool activities in youth centres and lifelong learning in their area, the transnational handling of the topic gives possibility to compare how technological solutions and using web and digi tools are organized in partner country and integrate these solutions to studies in partner's playschools, schools and youth centres. It also gives knowledge for adults about ICT solutions in partner country and how it is integrated to lifelong learning there. Participating in the given project gives them skills that are nowadays necessary to manage better on labour market and finding a job. Topic is directly connected to Development Plan in Väätsa Rural Municipality that has taken a priority to specialize studies on using digi- and webtools in Järva County since childhood. For that since June 2014 over-Estonian seminars are organized in Väätsa for all heads of schools, teachers and local authorities to introduce involvement of web tools into schoolwork, afterschool activities and training local people. Teachers in schools, playschools and youth centres use more and more web tools in their teaching and have improved their digital skills and equipment. The project has longlasting impact for all participants: better results in studies, more active young people in social life, therefore more possibilities for getting job, more motivated and satisfied people, better language skills and intercultural knowledge, more self-confident people.



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