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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

we who are the personels of MUĞLA ÖZEL EĞİTİM VE ÖZEL EĞİTİM İŞ UYGULAMA OKULU which is the only one in the area where 99.900 people live, educate the students mentally disabled, have the idea of making disabled students of the school part of the community, making the school more operative, improving the education system, supplying the needs of the school, making the school have EU quality standarts to make it serve more efficentely to the area where the school is to increase the number of the graduated disabled students who have become a part of the community.By the Project we try to make them to survive on their own by the idea of “LET’S MAKE DISABLITIES DISABLED WITH THE AIM OF PREVENTING THEM FROM BEING A DISABILITIY FOR DISABLED ONE”.therfore we want our teachers to take courses in europes who have been working and and want to work in next years in Muğla We try to incorporate the Employment Agency in the area where the school is to figure out the small and medium sized enterprises with the aim of increasing possibilities of employing disabled students.We try to incorporate the psychologists who work for the Ministry of Familiy and Social Policy to make them give psychologist support to the families of the students will graduate in 2015-2016 session and make the families conscious of disabilities to make them have a pozitive look to let us make them become a part of our projects.We try to incorporate SOCIAL SECURITY INSTITUTION to assign a duty to an expert to educate our personel about the İSG and special education after confirmed by THE GOVERNERSHIP OF MUĞLA.We will tell our project to media in the area to make our project known by more and more people live in the city where the school is.We will print and hand out 1000 brochures that tells the encouragements of the governments about the employment of disabled people to reach and to inform more people and enterprises.We will try to take courses which have EU quality standarts of special education in Europe to have experiences so that we plan to improve the quality and supply the needs of our school and we plan to get informations about system of employment disabled students in EU countries to try to adopt similar system in the area where the shool is to make our students survive on their own.In short term we will have employed our disabled students who will have graduated by the end of session 2015-2016. We will have made them survive on their own.In long term; the success of the Project will be a guide to the other students will have graduated from the school and make the public have a pozitive look of the future of their disabled children.