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Date du début: 30 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 29 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Tulime Onlus is an association involved in international cooperation: it has been engaged for more than eleven years in Tanzania, Uganda and Nepal for the promotion of cultural sharing, awareness activities about ecology and human rights respect. The association promotes, since 2012, the EVS Programm by hosting young people in Palermo (where the headquarter of Tulime Onlus is based) and sending others in Africa and Asia. The experience gained in the field of youth mobility has increased the logistical and organizational capacity of the association about the management and coordination of individuals and groups; moreover, it has enhanced and affirmed the skills for an effective implementation of activities aimed at promoting volunteering as an opportunity for personal growth and for the creation of a closer relationship with the most disadvantaged communities, promoting intercultural dialogue and the respect for the environment as key factors for a positive change in one’s lifestyle. The context in which the project activities will be implemented is Palermo, a strongly multicultural city. Since several years different cultures have coexisted in this context, sometimes in a pacific way, in other cases differences turned into conflicts among migrant communities. Another sociocultural criticism of this context is the degradation that characterizes many areas of the city, especially the “old town” or “Palermo City Center”, that is the area with the greater presence of migrant population. The project promotes actions to reflect about these problems so that young people can develop a greater awareness about the sense of belonging to a European multicultural community, founded on the values of solidarity and volunteering. The specific objectives that the project intends to achieve are: to promote the “culture of voluntary service” in the field of social assistance and international cooperation; to give to the volunteers the opportunity to be actively involved in the social context in order to understand its needs, taking part of a creative process of change; to ensure that volunteers can live a strong intercultural experience, so that they can become adults engaged in the creation of dialogue and peace building in every aspect of their future life. The project will involve 4 participants, whose profile will include basic knowledge of English, communication skills and creativity, initiative, adaptability, interest in the issues dealing with the project (cooperation, intercultural dialogue, re-evaluation of the surrounding environment) . The project’s activities are: the creation of awareness campaigns, the management of social network, the organization of events f promotion and fundraising with Tulime Onlus; activities in primary schools with a great presence of migrant pupils who live at risk of social exclusion, aiming at developing a greater awareness on the issues of integration of foreign students, migration and social discrimination; activities of environmental re-evaluation and rehabilitation of degraded areas in Palermo supported by the realization of reportage (photos, videos, interviews ...), gardening, construction of furniture from recycled materials, organization of events to involve local communities in the process of recovery of the territory. The model of “Community Cooperation” defines the methodology used to develop the activities, namely by creating relations between different communities that are culturally and geographically “distant” : this relations can be created only with the efforts of each individual during the sharing of positive values. In every activity a participatory approach will be adopted: it provides flexibility of the activities to adapt everytime to the aspirations of young volunteers, while respecting the planned timetable. The planned activities will facilitate the acquisition of new and non-formal skills, the capacity of understanding, a deeper knowledge about current issues such as environmental degradation and intercultural dialogue. The activities of restoration of degraded urban areas will have a long term impact on indirect beneficiaries (the local community) while promoting a greater awareness about: the importance of a caring attitude towards the spaces of each city, the value of peaceful coexistence and collaboration among different cultures and the related value of active citizenship. In the long period both the direct beneficiaries (the 4 volunteers) as well as the indirect ones (the local community, school children and their families, etc) will become active participants and ambassadors in society new attidudes based on the values of sharing and solidarity.



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