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Let's Break the Barriers among US / Haydi Aramızdaki engelleri Kaldıralım
Date du début: 5 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 15 juin 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Youth Exchange “Let's Break Barriers” is promoted by the Sehzadeler Youth Group in order to raise awareness and combat prejudices and stereotypes against gipsies. With 9 days Youth Exchange during which 34 participants of different countries from Turkey, Bulgaria, and Romania worked together on intercultural learning of young people through theatre in order to achieve a common objective. Our activities were Journalism workshop,Short movie/documentary workshop,Music&Culture workshop and drama workshop, making and flying kites and recreation.The discussion was focused on a key concept: education in relation to the needs of a complex society, the social problems, physical and mental. From this reflection resulted several product according to each workshops that will show a culture, and playing with its stereotypes, will put into question the blurred border between fiction and reality. 34 young people offered a glimpse of a culture in the prejudices, the stereotypes of a racism that involves the European consciousness against Roman people.The activities took place in Amasya, Turkey on 17-25 March 2015 for nine days. we are sharing our gains on our group's web site and published some brochures and posters and booklets to disseminate the results of the projects also those volarization activities will be done in the partner countries as well as the organizations.



3 Participants partenaires