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Let´s act, we are actors
Date du début: 17 juin 2014, Date de fin: 16 juin 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Association for Women Ti, through the Key Action 1 of the Erasmus Programme +, has organized a youth exchange called "Let's act, we are actors". The main objective was to promote gender perspective and involvement of European youth in the effective equality between men and women through cooperation, multiculturalism and tolerance using social theater as a tool to enhance the work of the youth in the area of women. Through this course, participants: - They learned the use of social theater as a means of raising and training, in this case for the claim of Human Rights, the intercultural nature and recognition of the rights of women. - They shared experiences and good practices for promoting gender. - They ponder on the situation of human trafficking at European level, but as cross-border phenomenon. - They formed part of spaces that promote youth participation, intercultural and gender equality. - It will promote the creation of new social projects through the Erasmus Programme + 2014-2020. This activity took place in Valencia between 12 and 23 January 2015, and included the participation of five European countries were represented as follows: - Armenia: 10 participants (Armenia HUJ, 5 reps / Armenia APY, 5 reps). - Georgia: 4 representative. - Netherlands: 5 reps. - Poland: 4 representatives. - Spain: 6 representatives. The Association For You Women as a coordinating entity, participated with his team of professionals supporting the activities, giving effect to the objectives initially. The methodology used during the exchange was active, participatory, social theater being the instrument that allowed participants to learn, encourage the development of creativity, sensitize and raise new transformative strategies in our environment, as young Europeans to the problems affecting women about violence worldwide. Also they worked dynamics of groups, workshops, panel discussions, performances and discussions. Deepen different ideas for social projects. In addition, the project helped to promote the involvement of young people in combating violence against women and human rights. He also managed to promote European cooperation in this area and developing the quality of support systems for youth activities. The union of the different organizations in the area of youth from 5 European countries has fostered including mutual understanding and tolerance. To conclude the main activities include: - Approach to the concepts of violence against women and human rights. - They learned to differentiate the concepts of trafficking in human beings and prostitution. - Knowledge of culture and Valencian cuisine. - Approach the theater as a method of social change and combating all forms of violence. - Approach to Erasmus + program. - They learned dynamic theater: how to be a good leader. - Find ideas for social projects. - Visit the city and its neighborhoods. - They used music as a tool of integration. The total amount of the grant dela EU was 18,090.00 euros. The Spanish National Agency proceeded to process the payment of 70% of the aid. The project was successful and the evaluation of its implementation has been considered as positive by both participants and organizers.



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