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Let's act! Theatre projects in the countryside
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In various theatre projects with children and youth we have experienced a great benefit from the involvement of young volunteers. They act as peers for the participants and can motivate them very well: On the one hand, the volunteers are participants like themselves and can establish a relationship of trust. On the other hand, they volunteers are one step ahead, as they are in the leaders team. Furthermore, they are especially interesting when they come from a different country. Through being in this role, the volunteers can gain a lot of relevant experience themselves: They can try out to be a leader, without having to carry the full responsibilty yet - not to mention the invaluable benefit of the experience of going alone to a different country and getting to know what life can be like over there. Therefore we would like to extend the participation of volunteers in our projects and give the opportunity for a long-term stay. This can be a great intercultural learning experience for everyone involved - the volunteer, the participants, the organisation and the local community. For this round we will take only one volunteer, but after gaining some experience we may be able to take more. The volunteer will accompany us in everything involved in running a small NGO that is doing cultural youthwork in Germany and India and find the areas that she has the most interest in in order to delve deeper into them. Various coaching tools will be used for supporting the European Volunteer on her personal learning pathway. With this project we expect to produce worthwhile intercultural learning effects for everyone involved. We further expect multiplicator effects both in the local community where the EVS is taking place and in the place and projects the European Volunteer will be involved with afterwards. We also expect to contribute a small step towards the accreditation of non-formal learning. Furthermore we expect our organisation to gain contacts and experiences for future participation in Erasmus+.



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