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Less is More!
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Less is More was an International Youth Exchange developed in Portugal, between 24 of august and 4th september 2015, with partners from Spain, Austria, Italy, Estonia and Portugal. Its was project developed in 2 different venues: in Portalegre (more rural and isolated) and in Palmela (also rural, but also near the sea and the capital of Portugal). That way, participants had the chance to contact with 2 different contexts, 2 different cultural and socio-economic regions, and levels of opportunities. This project was the first international experience for 35 participants between 14-17 years old, comming from disadvantaged backgrounds and it was an opportunitty to "build" the personallity of each young participant. The main goal of this project was to create in young people a greater awareness of themes as cultural diversity, citizenship and participation, environment and sport as educational element, by using non formal education/learning methods and creativity: Ice breaking games, visits, teambuilding, team work, presentations, games, role play, music, sports, videos, cooking, etc By using this approach we had as objective that the young participants become more aware about NFE/L and the world of opportunities for development of their personal and social competences promoted by european mobility projects, supported by the European Comission. Putting together young people from different cultures, disadvantaged families, regions, backgrounds, ..., giving them the possibility of a first travel, sharing multinational rooms, making them presenting their countries according with their perspectives, sharing their point of view at the same time that they receive feedback and information from the others, crossing with team work and group dinamics, where they shared and experienced opinions and points of view abouth the different themes of the project, for sure that it was an opportunity to break "walls" and make them aware of a new perspective of the world. "Less is More" was a first international experience for very young people (less age), with fewer opportunities (less studies, less economical possibilities, less participation opportunities, ...) but with a huge possibility of development, learning and change for empowerment, citizenship and inclusion. The project is reaching the general goals of Erasmus + programme, the 2020 Strategy and the goals of the Developement Year, because young people, with this first Youth Exchange, developed their awarness about European opportunities, developed competences that will help them in their future social, educational and professional inclusion and will lead them to be more participative and active as stakeholders to fight against poverty and exclusion for a better well being.



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