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Les diversités jeunes III
Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our activities involve 5 EVS volunteers who will join 5 different services of our French-speaking community of Belgium. Four of these organisations are settled in the town of Marche-en-Famenne: the Compagnons Bâtisseurs Organisation, the Maison des Jeunes, the Service Renforts and the CFP. The fifth hosting organisation, The Terrain d’Aventure du Péri, is a youth center settled in the city of Liège. The projects in CB, Renforts, CFP and Terrain d’Aventure du Péri, will start at the beginning of February 2015, to last 12 months. The project in Maison de Jeunes will start at the beginning of Marche 2015, to last 12 months as well. Each project foresees the participation of one volunteer. Each project main activities are the following: 1. IN COMPAGNONS BATISSEURS ASSOCIATION -Volunteering activities promotion; -Preparation of the activities « week-end work-camps » and « international work camps »; -Co-animation week-end work camps and international work camps; 2. IN THE MJ OF MARCHE - Participation in workshops; - Follow up of stages and trainings; - Welcoming young people in the centre; - Participation in different creative activities as concerts and exhibitions; -Implementation of a Spanish language course; - Promotion of new projects. 3. IN SERVICE RENFORTS - Accompanying of Renforts users in their daily activities (horse stables, kettle, hospital, kindergarten); -Follow up of each centre user’s personal project; -Participation in the pedagogical meetings of the educational team; -Promotion of new projects; -Participation in the cuisine and bricolage workshops; - Organisation of events (Christmas market); - Working in network with the other EVS volunteers. 4. Au CFP FAMENNE ARDENNE -Participation as helping trainer in gardening trainings; -Participation as helping trainer in professional cleaning and car cleaning trainings; -Participation as animator in workshops (cuisine, mobility); -Participations in the meeting of the educational team; -Organisation of events and visits. 5. IN THE TERRAIN D’AVENTURE DU PERI - Participation in the artistique workshops as: painting, sculpture, theater; - Participation in creation: cuisine, fashion design, handicraft, sheds construction; - Organisation of games: society games, sport activities; - Outdoor activities: gardening, nature discovering. Even if each organisation has its own specific identity, all these 5 organisations share a common desire to foster the social participation and social engagement of young people taken in their different profiles: young people coming from urban, rural, poor contests, young people affected by disabilities. Hosting all these EVS volunteers in our projects must be a tool to sensitize local young people to be active in the social action and to appreciate the methods of the non-formal education. The presence of the EVS volunteers in our projects should also encourage the hosting organisation and their public to open themselves to the external world, to the difference, and foster the cooperation between the local organisations at the regional level and the collaboration with foreign associations too to grow up all in the European dimension. Our aim is also to allow in our EVS volunteers civic skills but also professional ones: that’s the reason why our EVS projects entail the engagement of each volunteer in structures which have all very specific competences. Each volunteer will develop specific skills learning by the action field of his/her hosting organisation. Among these skills, we especially hope that the volunteers will develop their autonomy and initiative spirit purposing new projects and ideas to their hosting organisations. We want to promote young people civic skills, responsibility and European belongingness feeling but also creativity.



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