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Les chemins du bleu en Europe : transversalité des apprentissages et transculturalité des langages
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The strategic partnership « Les chemins du bleu en Europe : transversalité des apprentissages et transculturalité des langages » brings together several different European organizations involved in adult education and teacher training in a common desire to - Pool, share and conceive innovative educational practices and exchange experiences in order to acquire key skills grounded on the transversal learning of the blue color as “European social fact”, which languages are structured differently depending on the countries and cultures - Use this cross-cultural cooperation to motivate the implication of learners in a set of moving activities where the approach is plural and the technologies of information and communication are used creatively and rewardingly to build a virtual and collective travelogue, tracing between the partners a “European route of the blue”. The aim of this project is to bring together an European expert group in both teaching and cultural education (organisms specialized in adult and / or kindergarten, high school, university teachers formation as well as cultural associations, cultural centers or adult education centers) in order to - Design, implement, test and pool effective strategies aimed at improving basic skills (literacy, e-skills), directed towards specific target groups of adults, with the help of projects encouraging cross-cultural approaches based on cross-cultural and artistic education built around a theme, - Improve and expand high-quality learning opportunities tailored to adult learners, for example through the use of teaching approaches focused on the learner in order to reach adults including the most disadvantaged ones, - Build tools to help adult teachers and educators manage diverse groups of learners and to make better use of new technologies to optimize and improve their teaching. The approach is cross-cultural: its dominant feature is the education of adults, but the priorities are also to address gaps in the acquisition of basic skills in school education. It therefore also targets public school, allowing the transfer and validation, in schools that are partners of the project, of "good practices" identified in the field of adult education, through teaching methods that encourage multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches, from the cultural and artistic contribution and meaningful activities. The goal is also to target the general public, by implementing a wide range of partners in order to trace, from the sharing and implementation of the best educational and pedagogical practices, a European cultural route connecting the various countries around the same theme of the color blue. The expected impact on learners is to create increased motivation and interest for the culture of other countries, to develop knowledge, key skills and personal skills based on creativity and expression, experimentation of different practices promoting creativity, self-confidence, desire to learn, intellectual curiosity, openness to cultural diversity, awareness of the wealth and diversity of the European cultural heritage. Through European cooperation, trainers learn to exchange, share, pool, experiment with new teaching practices related to learning cross-cultural field of the color blue as a social fact and favorable to social cohesion and intercultural dialogue. From this cooperation, the partner organizations will develop new teaching strategies and new tools to use in adult and teachers formations in order to plan future opportunities of teaching modules.



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