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Les Apprentis européens : pour une Europe en de bonnes mains
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project, carried by the regional office of Apprentis d' Auteuil Nord-Ouest includes 8 establishments of the Foundation, among which 6 vocational colleges, experimented on these projects of mobility. These professional internships in Europe enter a strategy of development of the vocational establishments. It is the front door to Europeanize the trainings that they offer and Europeanizing his(her) teaching staff. This 2-year transnational project will allow 83 adults and 210 young beneficiaries to leave in 7 different countries and approximately 10 different cities to realize professional internships from 2 days to 4 weeks, that is to say, approximately 557 days of internship. These various motilities will allow these beneficiaries to be welcomed in approximately 92 host companies or in vocational training centers belonging to faithful partners of Apprentis d' Auteuil. All these beneficiaries prepare a CAP or Vocational high school diploma in cooking, catering, bakery, pastry, carpentry, plumbing or electricity, graphic industry, horticulture and/or landscape. This work experience will allow them to find more easily a job and to act professionally tomorrow in Europe within reach of hands or rather " in good hands ". These internships urge the young people to mature, develop their capacity of adaptation and the trust in themselves. They make them more autonomous and more mobile; an asset mattering in term of employability, in particular for young people often in failure and in situation of exclusion. 83 adults, employees of the various professional establishments will also benefit from these experiences of mobility. They will exchange on practices and might have lessons to improve their skills. These adults can take advantage of it to form on a particular technical aspect or to take language courses. It will be a source of professional and personal enrichment and continuous improvement as regards the care of the special-need young people. The title “European trainees: for a Europe in good hands” - Young people and adults are all and always in situation to learn, in their jobs and in their everyday life, by the professional discovery of new techniques, new know-how and new cultures. This project make the school to enter in an European exchange dynamic and to build new pedagogical methods which will be more European. To follow up this project, a steering committee at the regional level will coordinate all these flows, will keep regular relations with the various partners, will watch a good administrative and financial management of these motilities by leaning in particular on about fifteen pilots and on a Kit Erasmus +. Meetings and seminars including all these actors will also allow the various moments of the project to meet, to exchange on the difficulties, to improve the follow-up of the project and to restore to all the real-life enrichment (training, interesting pedagogy, innovation). The results of these motilities will be communicated and spread by the different media but also by an important event called “floralies pédagogiques”, an event grouping all the schools of Apprentis d' Auteuil. In connection with the school inspectorate, with the DAREIC or DRAAF, the various establishments involved in this project will spread these results by their intermediary. Identified as developer, Apprentis d' Auteuil Nord-Ouest can use this network to diffuse these results.



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