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Lernmobiliäten VHS
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Through the individual mobilities, or the Jobshadowing we want to update professionalise our organisation and our training program to adapt them to the development of the society, above all, with the view on our participants, such as, welfare recipients, job seekers and migrants. We want to give them an opportunity in their personal and professional development. We can only fulfill this task, if we open ourselves to other stakeholders and seek an exchange with them. This is very important especially for small organisations. A look outside, and in this case across borders, can open views and behaviors. The experiences of this project can be mediated to our participants through our educational program and can also improve our quality of our education program. These experiences affect all areas of work: the management skills, personal skills, the teaching ability of our instructors, see new learning and teaching methods in the field of lifelong learning. An improvement of language skills is another desired goal of an international exchange. A total of 3 persons are provided for the individual mobilities. The management and coordination of the VHS to develop new projects and the intructors to learn new teaching and learning methods and to apply them immediately in the groups. For all participants, we want the measures to facilitate personal development, stimulate innovative thinking, and develop new project ideas for our region. The newly acquired skills should be transmitted in our organisation. We wish for all participants, that they can promote their personal development, stimulate innovative thinking, and develop new project ideas for our region and integrate the newly acquired skills in our organisation. As a long-term target, the project should be developped into a creative exchange of all target groups to collect a maximum of experiences and to get new ideas in the field of project development, project management, of the possibilities of learning and teaching methods in the areas of adult education and lifelong learning. This is essential for us as organisation and contributes significantly to our own development in order to withstand actual demands and the future challenges of the society with good projects for the citizens.



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