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Lernen in Europa / ADHOGA IV
Date du début: 1 juin 2014, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Mobility activities of „Stiftung Bildung & Handwerk“ (SBH- Education and Crafts Foundation) are realized in the EU Programme „Erasmus+“ (2014 – 2020) in the framework of mobility for learners in vocational education and training, key activity 1 (KA1). SBH promotes mobility of learners within three different types of activities: 1. SBH provides opportunities for apprentices from companies throughout Germany to realize work placements abroad 2. SBH continues colaboration on regional level with „Carl-Severing-Berufskolleg für Handwerk und Technik, Bielefeld“ and organizes work placements for 10 students as assistent in food technology to gain work experiences as well as to develop intercultural, social, personal and social competences. 3. SBH promotes mobility for staff of vocational education and training centres belonging to SBH and working in the field of VET for disadvantaged young people. SBH and partners organize within one – week study visits exchanges of experiences and discussions on pedagogical issues with regard to daily work. SBH act as promotor of individual mobility for apprentices, so as done within „Leonardo da Vinci“ with mobility certificate. We support apprentices from the sectors of administration, commerce, hotellry and gastronomy throughout Germany. Based on the wide range of vocational programmes in many different professional fields in our vocational training centres SBH has numerous contacts to companies throughout Germany. By the grant of ERASMUS + we promote 25 apprentices (in the second year of VET- process) to realize a four week work placement in one of our European partner countries: Bulgaria, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Hungary and the United Kingdom. If apprentices or their companies have contacts in other European countries that can be used to realize the internship, too. SBH publishes the offer at the companies website, corresponding the standard of quality for so called „Poolprojekte“. Interested apprentices SBH are choosed within an interview via phone and on the basis of corresponding documentation (CV and letter of motivation). SBH offers pedagogical and intercultural preparation, if necessary language preparation, too. Therefor we decide depending on the place of domicile of the apprentice either to participate in a workshop at SBH Paderborn or to realize preparation via e-learning. SBH supports aprentices and their company during the whole process: starting with application for funding, planification,organization, preparation, realization and post evaluation. If wished by the company or the apprentices we coordinate a task to study during the work placement. Requirements and aims of the work placement are established individually with every participant corresponding to his VET process. The final programme for the stay abroad is coordinated among apprentice, company or vocational school and the partner institution abroad. In situ abroad process is supervised by the partner organization in cooperation with a mentor for internship at the company abroad. Learning agreement will be established between all three parties to assure quality and as base for work. The aim is to promote flexibility and independece, to offer technical, intercultural and individual experiences. In contact with people, culture and language of hosting country apprentices develope knowledge and competences. Essential part of every work placement is post preparation: after the return from abroad participants present their impressions and experiences: either at SBH or at their company or at vocational school to develop sustainability about mobility. All partners and participants play an active role in the public to disseminate experiences within European mobility. To document activities, experiences, skills and competences, all aprticipants within all activities will get the Europass Mobility document.



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