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Lepszy nauczyciel - mądrzejszy uczeń.
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project entitled "Better teacher – wiser student" is a response to needs and aims which were defined by the head teacher, deputy head teacher, teachers and students of Niepubliczne Gimnazjum "Keglik" (Independent Junior High School “Keglik”). Identification of the needs of our organisation was an inspiration for writing this application and the needs, which have been described in it, require the support for our institution and are an opportunity for us to realize our plans and aims. Niepubliczne Gimnazjum "Keglik", in accordance with the leading idea: "Recognize, support, develop - a clever student in Keglik", gathers the most talented young people in our region. One of the priority activities in our organisation is the Europeanness of our school, which will be achieved by allowing our students to explore Europe through direct contacts and improving the quality, attractiveness and effectiveness in learning English among both teachers and students. A student of our school must be an aware citizen of the world, who speaks excellent English and is open to learn about cultural differences and traditions of other nations. Our school strives for the comprehensive development of the student and it is not possible without reliable preparation of teachers to perform their functions. AIMS OF THE PROJECT: The overriding objective of the project is to equip teachers in language skills, which will enable: - implementation of the European Development Plan of our school, - creation of a bilingual class (CLIL) in which each subject will be taught in Polish and English, - establishing long-lasting cooperation with many schools from all over Europe, which will result in student exchanges and Erasmus Plus projects written together. RESULTS AND LONG-TERM BENEFITS OF THE PROJECT: Implementation of the project will ensure durable results and long-term benefits for the junior high school: I. Teachers with high language skills, who can conduct lessons in a bilingual class (CLIL). II. English teachers who use innovative and effective teaching methods, which will lead to the improvement of our students’ results in the linguistic part of the junior high school final exam and will enable our students to use English freely during: international exchanges, mobilities in the Erasmus Plus project and eTwinning projects. III. Managers who use innovative methods based on effective motivating to manage the staff. School management using the best solutions to improve communication and focusing on the development of the school in the future with the use of best practices implemented in schools all over Europe. NUMBER AND PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS AND DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES: Cooperation with project partners, namely the International Study Programmes and Europa School of English, has already begun before the application. Partners contacted by phone and e-mail in order to develop the project. During the project, the following activities are planned: - language training for 10 teachers with low knowledge of English (levels: A1 and A2). Teachers, who require a thorough transfer of knowledge and acquisition of basic language skills (training provider: Europa School of English). - language training for 5 teachers with knowledge of English at a minimum B1 level to prepare them to teach their school subjects in two languages: Polish and English (training provider: International Study Programmes). - methodological training for one English teacher which will prepare the teacher to use innovative and activating ways of teaching English in their daily work with students. The trained teacher will subsequently pass acquired knowledge to other English teachers in our school through internal training (training provider: International Study Programmes). - training for educational management – 2 teachers. The training will be conducted by the International Study Programmes, which has put comprehensive training for head teachers in its offer (training provider: International Study Programmes). Methodology (working methods) used during the project includes workshops, training, observations, discussions, brainstorming, method of projects, analysis of activities, analysis of documents. Implementation of the project "Better teacher – wiser student" will have an impact on the people not only directly related to its implementation, but also on a wide group of indirect recipients, what has been described in detail in the project.



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