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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

CIFP ASTURIAS 15-16 project is promoted by the HIGHER EDUCATION VOCATIONAL TRAINING SCHOOL LA LABORAL(Spain). In addition to the promoter, the association involves all the HIGHER EDUCATION VOCATIONAL TRAINING SCHOOLS OF ASTURIAS acting as sending partners, as well as 8 companies that will provide working placements in 7 European countries. We will move 69 students from initial vocational training, that will do practise work in companies in their professional areas for four weeks, parallel to the compulsory period when they should do their workplacement in companies in Spain. We will also offer the opportunity to newly qualified students who haven't found a job yet. And we include 19 teachers in our project , so that they can go either to a VET school or to a company to get extra training or do job-shadowing in them. Needs addressed: In Spain, the youth unemployment rate is very high. The aim of this project is to promote the “mobility culture” between the short term future workers of the UE. It tries to “open minds and borders” for getting the first job and increase employability opportunities. But promoting also among our teachers the "mobility culture" as a way of opening to new methodological approaches and new technological techniques used in the European countries surrounding us so as to offer a better quality training to our students. Objectives and results: - Improve the “mobility culture” in a weak mobility group, which will be the future workers of the EU. - Acquire professional skills that facilitate labour market access. - Improve communicative competences and skills in EU languages. - Foster knowledge of different educational and working systems in the different states of the EU. - Provide added value to the “curriculum vitae” of the participants with the “Europass-Mobility”. - Develop social, interpersonal and transversal basic competences, as autonomy, responsibility, initiative, respect for multiculturalism, etc. Where and when they will take place:The destinations will be: Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, the UK, Finland and Malta. As the mobility experiences will de developing at the same time as students should do the compulsory “workplacement” module in Spain, some of the mobilities will take place in October-December 2015 and the others in March-May 2016.



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