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Date du début: 30 juin 2016, Date de fin: 29 juin 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Every year there are 1600 students in vocational training at the University Hospital. In addition, approximately 150 people recently graduated start working at the hospital. The role of the University Hospital as an educational organisation must be strengthened to contribute to effective learning and successful start in the labour market. Department of Education at the University Hospital is responsible for the organisation of vocational training for many health-care students and practice development for both newly graduated and senior staff. To be able to cater to the diverse needs for learning and adaptation it is necessary to have a good number of well-educated instructors located around the hospital. Basic knowledge of teaching and learning during clinical practice can be provided at the University Hospital but access to educational institutions abroad is needed to train facilitators who have sound knowledge of specific teaching methods such as simulation teaching or instructors who adopt innovations in teaching.The purpose of the project is for students and staff at the University Hospital to experience successful learning and continuous development work, both to learn and facilitate others. Objectives of the project are for University Hospital employees have the opportunity to increase their knowledge about teaching role at the level of vocational training, train as facilitator in simulation training and actively participate in practice development. This way Landspitali educational role will be promoted.It is important that participants have the opportunity to acquire ways to meet the needs for training in hospitals where hospitalized patients are fewer and weaker than before. Less traditional educational opportunities call for a different kind of teaching provided by the instructors.The project is focused on sending 16 participants, who are already facilitators at the hospital, abroad to acquire additional knowledge and experience in recognized educational institutions, participate as teaching assistants with experienced supervisors and participate in workshops of interdisciplinary groups discussing practice development. The participants will visit in groups of two, a simulation centre shadow the work, be assistants to facilitators or attend workshops on practice development.Participants are expected to return inspired in their role as facilitators, attend to their students and newly recruited better than before and have more ideas for new pedagogical methods. The participants are expected to take on new projects they have learned about during the visit and add to their CV. The educational role of the University Hospital will hopefully be more visible and recognized. Students and staff will be enthusiastic in their vocational training at the hospital under the guidance of instructors who are capable and happy in their work. Newly graduated among the staff will receive additional support in their future work.



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