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Leaving for a better life
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Leaving fo a better life" is a project, which highlights the processes of economic imigrations, which today, more than ever, sets EU and its citizens in front of several challenges, mainly from the aspect suitability of the policies and the capability of understanding and empathy towards economic imigrants.The project answered the questions of economic migrations through youth training for international cooperation in the field of social entrepreneurship. It equipped beneficiaries of the project with necessarry attitudes, experiences, skills, knowledge that will help them start their own social enterprise and develop a viable international social business model. Above all, it strengthened the spirit of friendship, tolerance and understanding between young participants.The main goal of the exchanage was to teach the participants through metodologies of lean entrepreneurship and other recent findings in this area, how to quickly and agile set up their own international social business that links the community. During the exchange, young people learned different skills, from planning the company and monitoring trends in the chosen field to social network marketing and web design. By visiting local companies, they gained first hand experiences they could later on share with other participants of the exchange. But it wasn't all about entrepreneurship! We wanted to make young people more aware about problems that are facing economic immigrants. During the exchange participants had the opportunity to meet one immigrant from Middle East and one from Africa and thus listened to their personal stories. We also visited asylum center.The project was designed by a young group of people from Trbovlje that wanted to expand their experience and knowledge in the field of social entrepreneurship through non-formal learning with the help of partners from Portugal, Romania and Italy.



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