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Leave your footprint
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project „Leave your foot print“ will be implemented in Panevezys city in two receiving organizations (SOS children centre and Dailusis ornamentas centre) from 1st of August 2015 till 1st of October 2016, the duration of the project is 14 months. 2 volunteers from Italy and Spain will make EVS in SOS CHILDREN centre, in non-profit organization working with disadvantage children and teenagers, majority of them are from social risk families. Volunteering activities will start from 15th of September 2015 till 9th of September 2016, duration of EVS 12 months. 1 volunteer from Germany will make EVS in DAILUSIS ORNAMENTAS, in disabled people education and occupation centre) from 15th of September 2015 till 15th of June 2016 (9 months in total) EVS project "Leave your footprint" is involving two RO working with disadvantaged target groups in Panevezys: disabled people and children from poor social risk families. Social inclusion through artistic, sport, health activities is the main topic both organizations are focusing on and where volunteers could get certain experience. EVS volunteers joining the project will not just support stuff in their centre activities but also give strong positive effect and empower children and disabled people to develop their skills, to motivate them, propose new activities or new perspective of the institutional activities. EVS for the volunteers gives them the opportunity to develop skills, get to know different cultures, enrich their life experience, enlarge possibilities to find the job in the future. Taking part in European voluntary service activities will involve young people in social issues. International contacts and activities give comprehensive development, new contacts, friendship, education and experiences for all actors (organization, local community, volunteers, customers). Volunteers will be joining different activities with children in Panevezys city in SOS children centre and with disabled people in Dailusis ornamentas centre. They will have possibility to enter local community life through taking part in various activities inside the centres. During the voluntary service volunteers will experience the work with disadvantage children and disabled people methods and different ways to help them. Volunteers will work together and beside professional worker and will be asked to give their contribution in organizing creative, educational, cultural, sport activities. There are 6 partner organisations involved in this project: Dailusus ornamentas - recieving organisation; SOS children centre- recieving organisation; Route- 4- coordination organisation; ReTi di Pan – sending organization (Italy); Cultural building bridges asociation (Spain) Vie V.e.- sending organization (Germany)



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