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Learning with cartoons and animations
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Learning with cartoons and animations: Our school is a state school which has been opened since 2008. It’s got 17 classrooms,538 students ( between 10-14 age ) and 24 teachers. There is a computer room and web in our school. The computer room has electronic equipment. In our staff,our English teachers and computer teachers have taken part actively in this project. All our students (in 6th,7th,8th grades ) have tablets given by Kocaeli Metropolis Municipality. By this project,we have been planning these tablets are educative tools with softwares. Because some of our students have difficulties in learning disability in spite of using these digital devices. Last educational year,our 229 students couldn’t pass upper classes,they could pass by the way of teachers board’s decision. We want to improve our education quality by using these students’ digital abilities. In our project,our targets are preparing animation in lessons and cultural topics:1-To bring digital abilities to the students who are in different education grade. 2-For teachers,to bring attitude to develop digital learning in classroom. 3-To store digital education tool to use in every education level as course materials. 4-To provide to the students knowledge and gains by the means of digital tools. 5-To share experiences and to know more cultures by cooperating transnational. 6-In the topic of learning and teaching language,to make improvements with digital skills. The number of participants and profile: There are seven partner schools. There will be ten students in each school cartoon and animation teams. There are schools from different educational grades, the students will be chosen from the ages 10 to 14. Methodology will be used: International cooperation will be done with the schools in the program. Animation software training will be taken in order to improve the digital skills of the participants. This training will be given at the first meeting. Participants of this course will guide the ones that didn’t participate to the mobility through peer learning. Short stories will be written and language skills will be improved by finding out the culture of the country that has been visited at the first place. Then, cultural cartoons and animations will be done. Animations will be done with the same method on a topic that will be given according to the curriculum of the host school. Expected effects: 1-With the help of continuous learning that students used the tablets are forced to learn the lessons and we didn't learn in school are expected. Students are expected to reach personal learning method, information effects. The personal learning methods, peer learning is expected to spread more with students. Students software to produce digital course material to produce new, digital professional interested to hear, language skills enhancements, new cultures, recognition of the expected effects. 2-Teachers will leave the old ways anymore, will apply innovative methods of epoch. Students prone against the digital skills, teachers are expected to bring out a positive attitude. To do this, they will be creating digital media in schools. Classrooms will be benefiting from the digital tools. Teachers will produce digital materials for their lessons. Thanks to the transnational cooperation will develop language skills and culture are closely will recognize. Teachers ' digital skills to acquire and use more digital tools in the expected effects. 3-The project partner schools, mobility and cross-border cooperation will improve the quality of education through. Teachers, students and parents to improve the common workspaces, training materials will be moved to the digital environment. This will create an interactive learning environment. In schools, will be held in the new learning environments with digital integration, digital teaching tools and teaching methods will be applied. Transnational cooperation is expected to improve the quality of education of schools with effects. 4-Elimination of disadvantaged parts of Society information is digital education deficit easier. Information is easier to reach from anywhere. Teachers for the community; knowledge, skills and work processes will exhibit in the digital environment. Parents also benefit from this sharing is the expected effect. Potential benefits in long term: With digital integration at the schools the improvement of the quality of education will be ensured. Teachers are going to benefit from the digital lesson materials by using the digital abilities of the students. At the end of the project 490 animation videos archive will be created. Also they will benefit from the contemporary digital sources by the means of innovative methods and they will improve their professional competence.



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