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Learning to learn entrepreneurship for low skill young people
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“L2L entrepreneurship, learning to learn entrepreneurship for low skill young people” is an EU wide partnership project designed to identify core and innovative learning methods that best encourages success in entrepreneurship activities for startup and entrepreneurs. The project is based on the results and experience acquired in a previous project called “Let's, Learning to learn” for senior workers. Education of young people and entrepreneurship are one of the most EU important concerns. Indeed in this period of crisis the level of education is very important for the employability and successful entrepreneurial initiatives of young people which could revive the economic growth. Through the guide of experts on this area our partners countries will contribute with their wide experience finding best practices, case studies, lessons learnt and future opportunities. During the project we will deliver training and practical entrepreneurship education among training providers from partner’s countries. We will design an innovative training course for entrepreneurs that will serve as a guide to solve the special needs for low skill young people and entrepreneurs to get the proper training in essential aspects of the entrepreneurship process, through the cooperation of the partners. The training course will be complemented with an e-learning platform that will work in both ways, one as support for trainers in face to face course, but also in distance and on-line training and in a third place we will create a youtube channel with video lessons to reach the largest possible amount of public and video testimonials to encourage our audience to take the course through the testimonials of the users that will help as a dissemination tool. This partnership focuses on the development of trainers’ capability to motivate and enhance young employed and unemployed persons’ participation in lifelong learning. Low skilled young people face many difficulties in acceding to training, mainly because of their low motivation/confidence in own capabilities to manage theoretical contents. They lack in the “Learning to learn” and entrepreneurship key competences. In order to develop their willingness to accede education, a team of specialised trainers must be built, the latter developing their own competencies through some different informal ways and a share of experiences with experts belonging to other Countries. To fulfill these objectives we have created the international network, composed by 6 organizations, in five different European countries: - A young entrepreneurship association, AJEV (Spain) - An consulting company specialized in entrepreneurship, training and internationalization, FyG Consultores (Spain) - An organization for support and promotion of modern education and entrepreneurship, Employability Town (UK) - An University, University of Thessalys (Greece) - A non profit organization for research and training, ERIFO (Italy) - A supplier of innovative solutions ICT, ASSIST Software (Romania) This consortium will collaborate during two years (from 1st September 2015 until the end of August 2017). During this time the consortium will work together and organize five transnational meetings (Kick off, Intermediate, Final meetings, more 2 pilot meetings). During those meetings we will put in place the e-learning platform, training course, and youtube channel. L2L entrepreneurship for low skill young people partners will disseminate the future results in seminars and conferences to the interested parts and preferred stakeholders.



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